The Klaw's Secret (Aion Quest)  

Eltnen Quest Series
Elyos Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Eltnen
Start Place: Golden Bough Garrison
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Talk with Tellarius in Eltnen at Golden Bough Garrison after completing Seeking the Seekers.
Level 31 The Klaw's Secret
Destroy the Klaw Spawners (0/4).
 Basic Reward
12,000 Kinah
Title: Klaw Hunter
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All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

Quest Notes

The Klaw Nest is on the west side of the Garrison. The Klaw Spawners are these towers with pulsating bulbs onthe side, at the back of the Klaw Nest.

Be careful to clear all the Klaw around the Spawner first, or they will all come when you hit it!

Seeking the Seekers Eltnen
Quest Series
Golden Bough Garrison
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