Thrax Soldier (TR Mob)  

Thrax Soldier
Killing Bio-Machines

Thrax soldiers are trained for one thing and one thing only: War. Quick, agile and extremely aggressive, they are bio-engineered for optimal battlefield survivability and performance, making them the main offensive weapon of the Bane military machine. Though highly motivated and used in great numbers, the average Thrax Soldier lacks the initiative and intelligence for independent tactical decision making. In-relying on lieutenants for direction and coordination. Though often dismissed as cannon fodder even by their own leaders, Thrax Soldiers are very effective when used as airborne shock troops, a function at which they excel. Thrax Soldiers can also be found deployed as a low level security forces. The standard weapons suite of the Thrax Soldier includes the Plasma Assault Rifle, the Assault Pistol and Rocket Launcher.

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