Thunderhoof Hills (RoM Quest Series)  

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Thunderhoof Hills
Quest Series
Starting ZoneThunderhoof Hills
Rec. Levels55 to 57
Previous Aotulia Volcano
Next Southern Janost Forest
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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Daily Quests

Daily Quest Summary
LevelQuestEnding NPCStart LocationNeedsXP
57Throw a Pango on the SpitBarba PincaTomaraLean Pango Back Meat x5 (Ggl) from Free Pangos119,971
57Pig in a Pond's HelperBarba PincaTomaraMenus x10 (Ggl) from the tables119,971
57Special Barbecue SpicesBarba PincaTomaraSpecial Spice x10 (Ggl) at the Herbalist Camp119,971
57Collect Scattered WoodHerb GeorgeHerbalist CampFirewood x10119,971
57Special HerbsHerb GeorgeHerbalist CampUncommon Herb (Ggl) from the cliff225,828
57Giant Rat PouchChuanpo GelanAbandoned District of DelanisGiant Rat Stomach x5 (Ggl) from Giant Sewer Rats119,971
57Hard Insect WingsChuanpo GelanAbandoned District of DelanisHard Insect Wing x5 (Ggl) from Giant Sewer Cockroaches119,971
57Take the EggsChuanpo GelanAbandoned District of DelanisGiant Spider Egg x5 (Ggl) from Giant Sewer Spiders119,971
57Favorite of Lady and MissChuanpo GelanAbandoned District of DelanisFortune Stones x8 (complete Collect Centaur Fortune Stones 8 times)119,971
57Daily PatrolSueke HaragenAbandoned District of DelanisSign in at four Patrol Stations119,971
57Lost WalletsSueke HaragenAbandoned District of DelanisStolen Wallet x5 (Ggl) from Undercity Thugs119,971
57Eliminate Evil BanditsSueke HaragenAbandoned District of DelanisKill 10 Undercity Vandals119,971
57Ferocious Giant Sewer RatsSueke HaragenAbandoned District of DelanisGiant rat Tail x5 (Ggl) from Giant Sewer Rats119,971
57Eliminate the Source of the Sewer OdorSueke HaragenAbandoned District of DelanisKill 5 Sewer Mud Monsters119,971
57Brain EraserRohan TefugaiDalanis Central DistrictChupura Blood x5 (Ggl) from Wild Chupura119,971
57Dragonslayer Pub HelperRohan TefugaiDalanis Central DistrictEmpty Platter x10 (Ggl) from tables119,971
57Carrion HelperRohan TefugaiDalanis Central DistrictSpecial Maggot x5 (Ggl) from Sewer Mud Monsters119,971
57Mysterious sobering liquid ingredientsRohan TefugaiDalanis Central DistrictBitter Gallbladder x10 (Ggl) from Wild Chupura119,971
57Damn Marauding BanditsNichi PuarEngworKill 10 Marauding Bandits119,971
57Leaving HopeNichi PuarEngworKill 10 Savage Bandits119,971
57Steal AntidoteJames KlisaAvanoPoison Antidote x5 (Ggl) from Treacherous Bandits119,971
57Stolen MemoryJames KlisaAvanoItems with Sentimental Value x5 (Ggl) and Keepsakes from close friends x5 (Ggl) from Corrupt Avano Knights and Honorless Knights119,971
57Pie FillingGeraya PanMedanorKill Vigilant Boshi and Milasso Gulos for Boshi Leg Meat x5 (Ggl) and Gulo Liver x5 (Ggl)119,971
57Love Pie DeliveryGeraya PanMedanorDeliver Hunter's Tasty Pies (Ggl) to Nichi Puar of Engwor119,971
57Cutest ChupuraLittle LujaMedanorUse the Rope x5 (Ggl) to capture Tough Chupuras and bring the Retrained Chupuras back to Little Luja119,971
57A Disgrace to the Armor of the KnightsOld Blacksmith Nowar ShadMedanorBroken Knight Armor x10 (Ggl) from Corrupt Avano Knights and Honorless Knights around Avano119,971
57Untainted MemoryOld Blacksmith Nowar ShadMedanorDefeat 10 Corrupt Avano Knights119,971
57Beautiful FeathersAnzomeda BluestarSilverstar CampBeautiful Feather x5 (Ggl) from Wild Hippogriffs at Listana Falls and Wild Tatani in Milasso Forest and Glenraebor119,971
57Centaur HuntingAnzomeda BluestarSilverstar CampJoin the centaur hunt and capture Wild Tatanis and Milasso Gulos119,971
57Collect Centaur Fortune StonesAnzomeda BluestarSilverstar CampScattered Fortune Stone x10 (Ggl) around the base of the falls in Glenraebor119,971

Multi-Zone Quest Series

Two series begin in this zone.

Public Quests

"Filthy Giant Roaches chaotically emerge!"


Samiel Caster

Mark Ferrero

Barba Pinca

Lanorske Mountains

Kabo Kennedy

  1. [56] Rewards for Students -

Kai Kaiyinth

Herbalist Camp

Herb George


Ailic's Community Announcer

Abandoned District of Dalanis

Chuanpo Gelan (Wretched Merchant)

Dalanis Central District

Mustrotle (Adventurer)

Ray Pulisk (Travelling Merchant)

Dragonslayer Pub

Rohan Tefugai

Kuban (Bar Owner)

  1. [56] Amateur Poet - Talk to Matt
  2. [56] Hippogriff King - Get a Hippogriff King's Feather (Ggl) from Hippogriff King Wodjin
  3. [56] A Natural Businessman - Find Mika Shear in the Dalanis Aristocratic Quarter



James Klisa

Dalanis Sewers

Freud Splinter - see Envoy of the Dragons

  1. [56] Beloved Companion -
  2. [56] Freud's Proposal -
  3. [56] Mister Pipe's Secret -

Shraya Gellert

  1. [56] The Sick - Give Shraya a Spirit Herb
  2. [57] Maxim's Way - Listen to Shraya
  3. [57] An End to Suffering - Enter the Dungeon of Dalanis, kill Maxim Erekat III and bring back his Skull Dripping with Blood (Ggl)

Dungeon of Dalanis

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