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Think of the Transmuter as a seven-wheel slot machine. The goal is to get as many wheels to the same image as you can. You can spin more than once, each spin costs a Transmuter Orb, and you can lock a wheel that has the icon you want.

Each icon has it's own table of rewards (click on the icon to see the table). The number on the left is how many matches you need to get the prize on the same line at the right.

Special Symbols:

  • Bomb: Immediately adds 1 to the pressure.
  • Transmuter Orb: Click on this to collect it and reveal another symbol (even another Transmuter Orb but most likely a Bomb!)
  • Stabilizer: removed in the 2.5.1 patch.
  • Wild Card: removed in the 2.5.1 patch.

Prize Symbols
ALL Transmuter EssenceTransmuter Essence x2Transmuter Essence x4
Mods Level 1 Mod BoxLevel 2 Mod BoxLevel 3 Mod BoxLevel 4 Mod Box
Mercenary Exp Crystal 100 Merc Exp Book200 Merc Exp Book500 Merc Exp Book1000 Merc Exp Book
Key 1Keys 3Keys 10Keys 25Keys 
Shillings 5000Shilling 15000Shilling 50000Shilling 125000Shilling 
Medicine Strong Steam Jab x1 Strong Health Jab x1Potent Steam Jab x2, Potent Health Jab x2Infused Steam Jab x3, Infused Health Jab x3Miraculous Steam Jab x4, Miraculous Health Jab x4
Metal Metal x1Metal x3Metal x10Metal x25
Alloy Alloy x1Alloy x3Alloy x10Alloy x25
Mastery Point 50Shilling 100Shilling , Shrimp300Shilling , Carp600Shilling , Weever1000Shilling , Golden Tortoise
Expertise Point StoneStahliumAzuriteAmbergold
Vehicle Parts Vehicle Parts x1Vehicle Parts x3Vehicle Parts x10Vehicle Parts x25
Revamp Gem Revamp Gem x5Revamp Gem x15Revamp Gem x50Revamp Gem x125
The values in this table are accurate as of version 2.4.2.

Each additional spin increases the pressure in the Transmuter by 1 for each locked wheel, an additional +1 for any bomb that comes up on your spin, and decreases the pressure by 1 for any Stabilizer. You can use a Coolant to erase the pressure. If the pressure gets to the redline the Transmuter locks up and cannot be spun again, but so long as you have even one tab of pressure short of the red line you can spin.

Click on a symbol to see the prize table. Four or more will get you some of whatever symbol you clicked. Five, six or seven will also get you some Transmuter Essences. Click the line on the prize table to claim that prize.

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We have started this new, revised table with just 10 spins. if you add up all the results there will be more than 70 because the symbol under a Transmuter Orb counts but does not increase the spin count.

Symbol10 Spins25 Spins †100 SpinsTotalOdds
Bomb2265 39.5454545454545%
Stabilizer00 0%
Transmuter Orb819 12.2727272727273%
Wildcard00 0%
Alloy815 10.4545454545455%
Key46 4.54545454545455%
Medicine747 24.5454545454545%
Metal915 10.9090909090909%
Mercenary Exp Crystal831 17.7272727272727%
Mod27 4.09090909090909%
Shillings320 10.4545454545455%
Revamp Gem † 0%
Vehicle Parts † 0%
Expertise Points † 0%
Mastery Points † 0%
† added in the 2.4 patch. We will redo this table as soon as possible to map the new odds. 2.5.1 removed Wildcard and Stabilizer (although they still appear on the spinning wheels).

Odds are based on the number of times each symbol appeared during 3 sessions of consecutive spins (Patch 2.3.3). Remember, 10 spins with 7 wheels (none locked) means 70 total wheels spun. Adding the 8 Transmuter Orbs means that a total of 78 symbols were seen and counted.


The goal, of course, is to get seven of the same icon (with or without Wildcards). I generally have some idea of what I WANT when I start spinning but you cannot always control what you get. First choice is something that comes up more than once on the first spin, but if all you get is singles choose two of them and lock it. Then if one of them comes up on the next spin, lock that and unlock the odd one.

Once in a great while you will get three or even four matching icons and/or wildcards on your first spin. Take the prize and go again. If you try to run it higher you will almost always burn more Chorbs and Coolant trying to get higher and get nothing more for your effort. It's a fool's bet.

If you get a Stabilizer in the early rounds go ahead and lock it. This will help extend your run but means you have one less chance to get the icon you need, so at some point you will need to release the Stabilizers and go for it.

Wildcards are much more rare than originally. If you get one you should seriously consider taking whatever you have at that moment. You are unlikely to get that lucky again.

Be prepared to accept that you may get nothing but a few shillings and some Spiremarks. Never spend a Coolant unless you have more than four icons matched and Pressure is too high to safely spin again. Never spend a second Coolant on the same run, just be prepared to accept the lesser prize.

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