Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Logar
  [8] (Epic) Treasure Hunt - Stage 2

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Lola
Related Mobs: Related Items: End: Lola

Quest Reward:
 XP: 228
 TP: 22
 Gold: 445Gold 
Your choice of one of the following

You can earn the following rewards

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Runes of Magic
First you must go to the very bottom of Moongorge to find the locked box in the Mysterious Mound.

Next take the box to Lola's Uncle, Justin, whom she jokingly refers to as Mr. Pumpkin Head. Justin will send you on a quest, Key Making, to gather materials he needs to make a key for the box.

Now that you have the box unlocked right-click on it to get out Lola's Doll and return to Lola, but first Justin gives you some water from Moongorge to give to Lola (Spring Water from Moongorge).

Treasure Hunt - Stage 1 Howling Mountains
Quest Series
Epic: Bloody Demon Sword - Chapter I
Treasure Hunt - Stage 3
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