Triumvirate of Water  

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The Triumvirate of Water

Three equally powerful deities that rule over the elemental Plane of Water, one for each of its forms. Together the Triumvirate created Coirnav to act as their Avatar and made The Reef of Coirnav which represents a miniscule subsection of the Greater elemental Plane of Water chosen by Triumvirate of Water as their contribution to the mortal's breaching of the astral barrier. The Triumvirate is composed of:

Tarew Marr: The Fathom Lord

The Fathom Lord or, as he is known in the divine tongue of Influence and Nature, Tarew Marr, is the first member and ruler of the Triumvirate of Water. He is the sole lord and commander of the plane's most abundant form of the element. The people of Norrath know little of him, and his relationship to Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr is a source of constant debate amongst their followers. He is believed to have given physical form and intelligence to the influences of Love and Valor in the personages of Erollisi Marr and Mithaniel Marr, respectively, and given them power over their namesake planes.

E'ci: The Wintry Guardian

E'ci, known as the Wintry Guardian upon mortal tongues, is the second member of the Triumvirate of Water. The goddess embodies the material form and essence of ice, the solid matter of the plane she helps govern. This entity is rumored to hold great control, perhaps nearly to the point of tyranny if one can believe the fantastical tales of the gods of Influence and Nature, over her portion of the realm. The tales of her devotion to the balance of her realm against the other elemental powers have fostered a lingering, fearful respect for the goddess within the hearts of the lesser pantheon.

Povar: the Veiled One

Povar, or The Veiled One, is the third member of the Triumvirate of Water. Povar is the conscious essence of water in its vaporous state and controls a third of the Elemental Plane. Being neither male nor female in form, neither tangible nor incorporeal, this divine entity holds the greatest mystery of the Triumvirate's members to the lesser gods. Keeping attentions focused upon the realm they assist to govern, Povar gives neither care nor notice to the wheel of Nature and Influence. This member of the Triumvirate has given no recorded notion or action beyond its own realm and the greater wheel of Elemental Powers.


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