Troll Village (Aion Place)  

Troll Village
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LocationHeiron ( 1032.9, 1398.4, 117.8  )
ResourcesFerilla, Moonstone, Triora
ConnectionsGray Fog Marshes
Flight?Gliding only.
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To find this Place in-game, use /where Troll Village

In-game paste-able link: (will appear in game chat windows as [Troll Village])


This is not an official in-game Place. That is to say, you will get no "discovery" message here. It is a small village that has been overrun by Trolls on the main road on the western side of the Marshes. It is a good, steady farming location for 33-35.

In addition to the Troll Brawlers (35) and Troll Looters (36), there are numerous Triora and Ferilla nodes, and two Moonstones.

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