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City of Steam
This will become a guide on how to increase your Power throughout your leveling time and at end-game. Initially we will start with simple pointers to the guides we already have elsewhere.


See Crafting for a complete guide.

Improvements to Weapons, Armor and Accessories increase your Stats which augment your Power.


See Mercenaries for a complete guide.


see Category:Collections (CoS)

Gather Collectibles to add to your Collections, allowing you to increase the collection's Rank. Each Rank increase improves three Stats.

Myth Tablets

See Myth Points for a complete guide.
Spend Shillings to research gems on your Myth Tablets to earn Myth Points, then spend those Myth Points on your Myth Gears to improve your Stats.

Abilities and Talents

See Fishing, Mining and Transmuter for guides.
See Category:Monster Lair and Category:Boss Gauntlet for information.

Increasing the level of your Abilities and Talents increases your Power. Mastery Points may also be called Skill Points. Expertise Points may also be called Talent Points.

  • Leveling up, while not directly effecting your Power, does grant Mastery and Expertise Points.
  • Consuming Ore (from Mining) gives Expertise Points and Fish do the same for Mastery Points.
  • Complete Monster Lairs to earn Expertise Points and Boss Gauntlets to earn Mastery Points.
  • Mastery and Expertise Points can be earned from the Transmuter.
  • Mastery and Expertise Points can be earned from Cargo Delivery.
  • Mastery and Expertise Points can be earned from Clock-in rewards.
  • Mastery and Expertise Points can be earned from completing Normal-mode Boss Raid Challenge dungeons (manually or by using Vanquish).

Spend Expertise Points to improve your Abilities (Skills), and Mastery Points to level up your Talents.

Daily Quests

See Category:Daily (CoS Quest Type).

Completing Daily Quests rewards Collectibles and Crafting materials.


see Valor
Raise your Valor (by doing almost anything) to increase your Wisp's level, which increases your Health and Steam and can grant you an Attack Speed bonus.

Things that give you Valor include but are not limited to:

Attention, Citizens! Rampaging Brood have damaged this portion of the Libre Arcanum. Your assistance is therefore commanded to recover this datum (free ZAM account required)! That is all. For the Paragons!

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