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Who is SWM?

SWM first stumbled across Allakhazam as he was needing some help on a game he had just bought called World of Warcraft. This was September 2006 and his first post appeared in WoW general on 20th September. It can be found here His posting name back in the early days was Satanwantsme.

Satanwantsme lol?

I chose it because it has been my username on everything I ever signed up for on the internet. Its a song title from a cd I was listening to on the day I signed up to AOL. I had always been terrible at picking user names and so I just went with what was in front of me at the time. Before Satanwantsme I was known as OKComputr (without the e) and used to play around in an irc channel called #Cybersexier, which despite its name wasnt a porn channel but was just a smallish group of people talking crap to each other to pass the time. I also played an MMORPG called Alien Adoption Agency for several years where I was known as Charlatan. Anyway back to the name, the song Satan Wants Me comes from an album by Luke Haines and The Auteurs called Das Capital. Time went by and as I posted more I was getting some amusing comments such as "why does Satan Wants You? lulz". It became annoying so I started up a new account. This was quickly noticed by one of the admins who informed me that if I really didnt like my name I could get a name change. I asked for SWM but unfortunately it was taken and I went back to posting on Satanwants me. I continued to get irritated by my name and asked again for the SWM name, this time i was told that since it had been so long since the existing SWM had logged in that I could have it. So I took the name. After the name change it was pointed out that SWM is actually an acronym of "single white male". I decided that I could live with that.



What other games apart from Warcraft have you played

None, WoW is the only game I have ever played. I used to use a website called YTMND which allows you to upload an image and an audio file. I came across **NSFW** this **NSFW** and figured that there could be much lulz to be had by playing the game.


The correct way to say SWM is exactly the same way in which you say "swim"





SWM went through a bit of a bad patch in the latter half of 2007 managing to piss off at least 3 admins and almost getting himself banned on one occasion.

1. The Agoge incident

The Agoge incident started out with a run of the mill leave him alone message

"I have recieved a formal karma camping complaint regarding you and your rating of Agoge. I have reviewed your ratings and it does appear that you do rate him in batches more than you probably should. the rest of your rateing history is about average though, so i'm not going to issue a no rate for this one.

Please refrain from rateing agoge as much as you have been. That doesn't mean you cannot rate him, just lessen the frequincy please."

Ok fair enough, my only punishment was a telling off however soon after I had lost sage and received a karma reset :(

"Apperently XXX was less leniant than I was going to be. You will have to appeal to her to undo the ratings on your account."

This was then followed up with

"I just spoke to XXX about this. She then pointed me to your 3 former ratebots.

In light of this new information, I have reinstated your norate, and I am considering banning you outright for abuse of the system. Ratesocks piss me off. And you made me look like a fool in front of XXX when I tried to argue your case."

I guess admins dont like karma camping or ratebots

2. The Midshires incident

After the Agoge incident I decided I was going to troll =3 and Midshires was born. Taking on the persona on a 13 year old with a bad attitude Midshires was designed to piss people off but he failed and became an object of ridicule and lulz, his worst offence was offering a real life fight to Darkenbuddy, he also referred to Galkaman as Galkanoob. The whole thing was kind of lame really and culminated in a not particularly epic war of words with Kaain.

No lulz here

Midshires came to an end after receiving this

"Please pick one account to post with, the other will be muted. If you want SatanWantsMe's name changed because you don't like it, PM Dana or DF. Enough switching back and forth between this account and midshires."

and then I got my name changed.

Since then I have only had one further brush with the law when I was caught camping Stubs along with about 6 or 7 other people. He had pissed me off by referring to me as a "turd". It wasnt until later that I found out he was doing it to everyone via a lame firefox script.


This is me hanging out in the toilets at Birmingham Internation Train Station

A car park in Cornwall, before I had my hair cut.

Being awesome in Ireland

Obviously the first thing I did when I wrote my car off was post about it on the OOT

Being awesome in Australia, big bags under the eyes

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