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Remember that the wiki does not care about case when referring to a page or template name, so although the following shows the names properly cased the wiki does not care if you use proper case, all lower case, or even all upper case when calling a template!

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  • Vanguard - {{vanguard}} places the Vanguard gametag on the page. Should be used on ALL wiki pages that are in the Vanguard Saga of Heroes game wikibase and are not already categorized by another template. Placement (top, middle or bottom) is at the discretion of the page author.
  • VG - {{vg}} is the same as {{vanguard}}, just easier to type!

Main Templates

  • VG Item - builds the Item information box
  • VG Mob - builds the Mob information box
  • VG Quest - builds the Quest information box

Float-Right Info Boxes

  • VG Chunk - builds the Chunk information box
  • VG POI - builds the Point of Interest/Hub/Area information box
  • VG Faction - builds the Chunk information box

Linking Templates

Use the following templates EVERYWHERE when you link to the following page types. This serves several purposes. 1) It is easier than remembering the correct suffix format, and 2) if we ever need to move all the VG pages in the future we can use a bot to move the pages and edit these templates to update all the links to match!

  • VGChunk - links to a Chunk page and also auto-magically displays the chunk's coords
  • VGItem - links to an Item page
  • VGMob - links to a Mob page
  • VGPOI - links to a POI page
  • VGQuest - links to a Quest page
  • VGFaction - links to a Quest page

Miscellaneous Templates

  • VG ChunkLoc - Returns the chunk's location coords or continent if the chunk's name is known
  • VG ChunkName - Returns the chunk's name if the chunk's coords are known
  • VG Coin - DIsplays coin amounts, optionally with coin icons.

Global Templates

There are some templates that can be used by all game wikis. Some will use a gameid field to tell the template what game you are working on. Be sure to use VG for Vanguard!


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