Ventis Crown (RoM Item)  

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Worth: 45Gold 
This item is created by Armorcrafting (1).
Armorcrafting (Production)
InstructorsTools • Recipes
Runes of Magic
Ventis Crown
Tier 1
Requires Level 15
Cloth Head
Worth: 45 Gold
+6 Intelligence
+9 Magical Attack

Ventis Sage I (4) Cloth
 Ventis Robe
 Ventis Leggings
 Ventis Crown
 Ventis Boots
3 Pieces: +50 Maximum MP
4 Pieces: Piece +50 Maximum MP, +20 Wind resistance, +18 Wisdom

Recipe - Ventis Crown
Requires Armorcrafting level 1
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Item Set Notes: This armor is crafted from recipes obtained from Uncle Kaga and materials looted from the Named Mobs in Windmill Basement. This set has an upgrade, Ventis Sage II.The upgrade for this piece is Ventis Crown.R.

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