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Many templates and tools throughout the wikibase make use of a gameid code. Below is all the information you need to know about "gameid"

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What is "gameid"

To keep the ZAM wikibase from running into chaos we have many tools that use a gameid field, this is a unique identifier to a specific game, and keeps World of Warcraft (WoW) separate from Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and the other wikibases. This also helps admins keep track of the wikis they are in charge of and lets you alert them of urgent tasks or needs for the wiki.

If you are making links in a article make sure you not only have the correct gameid but also the correct naming conventions for the applicable game wiki. check out Wikibase Documentation Directory for all naming conventions.


  • gameid is case-insenstitive

Game Directory

Only an Admin can create a gameid for a game that is not listed in the table, below. If you are playing a game not listed, below, please contact an admin to get your game added.

Game gameid Code
9 Dragons 9Dragons
Aion Aion
Age of Conan AoC
Champions Online CO
Diablo III D3
Dark Age of Camelot DAoC
Darkfall Darkfall
DC Universe Online DCUO
Dungeons & Dragons Online DDO
DoFus DoFus
Everquest 2 EQ2
Everquest Online Adventures EQOA
EVE Online EVE
Everquest EQ †
Fallen Earth FE
Final Fantasy XI FFXI
Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV
Free Realms FR
Forsaken World FW
Guild Wars 2 GW2
Lineage II L2
LEGO Universe LEGO
Legends of Norath LoN
Lord of the Rings Online LotRO
Matrix Online (defunct) MXO
Planetside Planetside
Pirates of the Burning Sea PotBS
Pox Nora PoxNora
Perfect World International PWI
Rift:Planes of Telara Rift
Runes of Magic RoM
Star Trek Online STO
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures SWCWA
Star Wars Galaxies SWG
Star Wars: The Old Republic SWTOR
The Agency TA
Tabula Rasa (defunct) TR
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes VG
Warhammer Online WAR
Warhammer 40,000 WAR40k
World of Tanks WoT
Wold of Warcraft WoW
Legends of Zork Zork
† Everquest is the one exception to the GameID/Game Tag rule. It's gameid is EQ but the Game Tag Template is Everquest.

The above table is maintained manually and might not be 100% up to date. See Category:Game Tag Templates for an up-to-date list of all Game Tags (as this name is usually the GameID as well).

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