Yrvandis Hollows (RoM Zone)  

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Runes of Magic

This page refers to content that was introduced on 6/12/2012 with the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.
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Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion Fires of Shadowforge
Level Range 1 to 10
Connecting Zones
CitiesMorfantas City
CavesNew Hangrar Ore Mine, Old Hangrar Ore Mine
ResourcesAsh Wood, Beetroot, Flame Dust, Mountain Demon Grass, Tin Ore, Willow Wood, Zinc Ore
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Here in the subterranean quarries of the Shadowforge Dwarves, adventurers will encounter unfathomable chasms and impressive flowstone, as well as abandoned cities and a labyrinthine network of rope bridges. Following a failed experiment with dark magic, these caverns are now full of petrified Dwarves and mysterious creatures.

- from runesofmagic.com

This is the starting zone for all Dwarf characters. There is no way out of this zone except by portal (Ailic's, Ink, or Transport skill).

Important NPCs and Objects

Marfantas City West

Marfantas City East

Old Hangrar Ore Mine

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