eq2 quest:Riddled Yet Again  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Riddled Yet Again (Solo)
Category: Enchanted Lands
To start: ( 37, -1, -4 )


This quest is only available on April 1 during the Bristlebane Day festivities. You must first have completed Riddled Throughout the Land and Riddled Again before you will be offered this quest.

Speak to Imenand at 37, -1, -4 in the Enchanted Lands. He will ask you riddles until you get one correct before offering you this quest. Here are a couple of the riddles we received:

  • Q: A goblin found an interesting thing while wandering through the forest. It has eyes but can't see, a tongue but can't talk, and a soul but can never find love. What was it that the goblin found?
  • A: A shoe.

  • Q: In Everfrost there is something that can seen, taken and even held, but never touched. What is it?
  • A: Your breath.

Once you pass his test, he then goes into his quest dialogue. All of the objects you need to find for this quest are surrounded by blue sparkles.

Imenand, a sphinx philosopher and scholar I met in Enchanted Lands on highest Bristlebane Day, has challenged me to answer some more of his riddles.

  1. My life can be measured in hours. I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick; fat, I am slow. Wind is my foe. What am I?
    • The answer was shipped to the Moors of Ykesha. Get to the landing zone by bell, spire or druid ring.
    • The answer is a candle. Find it on a desk at 1679, 454, 804 in the Dropship Landing Zone.
  2. Return to Imenand in Enchanted Lands.
  3. Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?
    • Find your answer among the kerra of Sundered Frontier. The safest route is to travel there via wizard spire.
    • If you have no flying mount and haven't been here before: Once in Sundered Frontier, take the teleporter at 2061, -239, 2711 to Paineel, then right-click on the same teleporter in Paineel and choose to go to the Launch Pad. Speak to the Temporal Guide and choose to travel to the Kerra Isle Station.
    • The answer is a fire. Find it near the launchpad at 1309, 14, 2330 .
  4. Return to Imenand in the Enchanted Lands to complete the quest.


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Riddled Again Bristlebane Day
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Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!
(Introduced in 2015)

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