eq2 zone:Drayek's Chamber: Throne of the Kromise King  


Raid Information
Sizex4 (Min: x2)
QuestFire and Ice
Required by all?No
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours

This is a special instance of Drayek's Chamber, accessible through the Fire and Ice quest.

King Drayek - prismatic quest version

  • quite similar fight to regular version, except for a couple of things. No starter mobs, you go directly to the king. Fight a bit tougher then regular one.
  • There is a trap just before entering the room, you need to jump.
  • the whole raid must move into the room where dreyak is and NOT move back into the hallway or climb the throne, or they die (ice blocks will fall from above).
  • this drayak pops three rounds of adds too 80/50/20.
    • 1st add wave at 80%: Comes from the hallways. Stuns MA on inc, give him time to get aggro.
    • 2nd add wave at 50%: Identical to 1st wave
    • 3rd add wave at 20%: Skeletons that pops in center of room, get MA to get them fast so they dont kill random people.
  • somewhat harder than the regular Drayeks adds.
  • at the 2nd wave he becomes non-aggro and will have full health after that. 2nd wave is the hardest, if you survive that you are pretty much done.
  • immune to crushing

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