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Clicky Illusions
Paza's Cursed Remains Alla650LN752.00Form of Rotting Flesh Lucy AllaAny, CanPetZombieN Q
Lepracon's Pot of Gold Alla070LN65-1.50Illusion Scaled Wolf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfWolf, ScaledAllGM
Elder Spiritist's Bracer Alla00 N4512.00Share Wolf Form Lucy AllaMustGroup v2Wolf, BlackDD
Lycanthropic Staff Alla00LN5016.00Form of the Great Wolf Lucy AllaMustSelfWolf, BlackD D
Pet Collar Alla00NN/A00.10Wolf Form Lucy AllaAnySelfWolf, BlackAllGM
Lute of the Howler Alla00 D4010.00Illusion Werewolf Lucy AllaMustSelfWerewolfB D
Firetooth Necklace of the Below Alla750LN752.00Illusion Werewolf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfWerewolfPRKBA D
Visage of the Vitrik Alla00 H02.00Visage of the Vitrik Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfVitrikAllLoN
Guise of the Hunter Alla00LN468.00Illusion Vah Shir Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfVah ShirBT D
Claw of the Vah Shir Alla00 00.00Illusion Vah Shir Lucy AllaAnySelfVah ShirNoneGM
Da Oogly Stick Alla00L 00.00Illusion Troll Lucy AllaAnySelfTrollAllGM
Firestorm Cape Alla700L 601.00Illusion Troll Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfTrollAll P
Maple Leaf Mask Alla00LN2010.00Treeform Lucy AllaMustSelfTreeformDE D
Sprout Stick Alla00 00.10Illusion Tree Lucy AllaAnySelfTreeAllGM
Thick Ice Studded Collar Alla750L 753.00Illusion Violet Sporali Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSporali, VioletAll D
Form of the Recluse Alla00 02.00Illusion Recluse Spider Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSpider, RecluseAllLoN
Efreeti Death Visage Alla075 05.00Illusion Spectre Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSpectreAllQ
Baron Yosig's Skeleton Alla00 02.00Illusion Iksar Skeleton Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSkeleton, IksarAllQ/TS
Bone Mask of Horror Alla6070L 605.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Solid Bone Mask of Horror Alla5060L 505.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Calcified Bone Mask of Horror Alla4050L 405.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Strengthened Bone Mask of Horror Alla3040L 305.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Hardened Bone Mask of Horror Alla2030L 205.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Cracked Bone Mask of Horror Alla1020L 105.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Dusty Bone Mask of Horror Alla010L 05.00Illusion Frost Bone Lucy AllaMustSelfSkeleton, Frost BoneAll Q
Burning Neckguard of the Titan Alla750L 752.00Illusion Fire Bone Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSkeleton, Fire BoneWMTZ D
Amulet of Necropotence Alla00 N00.00Illusion Skeleton Lucy AllaAnySelfSkeletonAll D
Tiny Bone Bracelet Alla060 04.00Illusion Skeleton Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSkeletonAll D
Mask of Bones Alla00 00.10Illusion Skeleton Lucy AllaAnySelfSkeletonAllGM
Totem of Wretchedness Alla070L 00.00Illusion Skeleton Lucy AllaAnySelfSkeletonAll
Visage of the Siren Enticer Alla00 02.00Illusion Siren Enticer Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSiren EnticerAllLoN
Visage of Emperor Draygun Alla00 02.00Illusion Corrupted Shiliskin Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfShiliskin, CorruptedAllLoN
Form of Crystalline Skittering Alla00 02.00Form of Crystalline Skittering Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSessiloid, CrystallineAllLoN
Visage of the Hooded Scrykin Alla00 02.00Illusion Hooded Scrykin Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfScrykin, HoodedAllLoN
Visage of the Phased Scrykin Alla00 02.00Illusion Arcane Scrykin Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfScrykin, ArcaneAllLoN
Guise of Horror Alla00L 06.00Illusion Scarecrow Lucy AllaMustSelfScarecrowBTQ
Visage of the Spirited Satyr Alla00 02.00Illusion Spirited Satyr Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSatyr, SpiritedAllLoN
Visage of the Somnium Minion Alla900LN01.00Illusion Satyr Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSatyrBTED
Guise of the Predator Alla00 02.00Guise of the Predator Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfRaptor PredatorAll
Visage of Queen Pyrilonis Alla00 02.00Illusion Pyrilen Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfPyrilenAllLoN
Reconstructed Wereorc Head Alla00L 752.00Illusion Bloodmoon Orc Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfOrc, BloodmoonAllQ
Tharkis' Platinum Stud Alla00 00.00Illusion Orc Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfOrcAllGM
Visage of the War Pirate Alla00 02.00Illusion Ogre Pirate Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfOgre PirateAllLoN
Da Brick o Ogreing Alla00L 00.00Illusion Ogre Lucy AllaAnySelfOgreAllGM
Visage of the Brute Alla650L 03.00Illusion Ogre Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfOgreBTQ
Coral Shard Alla062L 01.00Minor Illusion Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfNearest ObjectE
Fabled Coral Shard Alla7579L 01.00Minor Illusion Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfNearest ObjectE
Visage of the Embattled Minotaur Alla00 02.00Illusion Embattled Minotaur Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfMinotaur, EmbattledAllLoN
Mask of the Mighty Minotaur Alla650L 03.00Illusion Minotaur Lucy AllaAnySelfMinotaurAll
Visage of Bragnar Noox Alla00 02.00Illusion Snow Kobold Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfKobold, SnowAllLoN
Visage of the Kobold Serf Alla00 02.00Illusion Kobold Serf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfKobold SerfAllLoN
Visage of King Gragnar Alla00 02.00Illusion Kobold King Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfKobold KingAllLoN
Visage of the Primal Kerran Alla00 02.00Illusion Primal Kerran Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfKerran, PrimalAllLoN
Imp Wings Alla00 00.10Illusion Imp Lucy AllaAnySelfImpAllGM
Docleaf's Shattered Shard Alla600 60-5.00Makural's Curse Lucy AllaMustSelfImpAllGM
Fendrakyn's Shattered Shard Alla600 60-5.00Makural's Curse Lucy AllaMustSelfImpAllGM
Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar Alla00 02.00Illusion Ancient Iksar Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfIksar, AncientAll
Iksar Hide Mask Alla00LN386.00Illusion Iksar Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfIksarBT
Iksar Egg Alla00L 00.00Illusion Iksar Lucy AllaAnySelfIksarAllGM
Dometrius, the Master's Burden Alla700L 701.50Illusion Iksar Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfIksarAll
Form of Crystalline Heads Alla00 02.00Form of Crystalline Heads Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfHydra, CrystalAllLoN
Circlet of Disguise Alla060 07.00Illusion Human Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfHumanAll
Ring of Doug Alla00L 00.00Illusion Human Lucy AllaAnySelfHumanAllGM
Fabled Circlet of Disguise Alla750L 07.00Illusion Human Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfHumanAll
Visage of the Hideous Harpy Alla00 02.00Illusion Hideous Harpy Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfHarpy, HideousAllLoN
Desiccated Halfling Mask Alla00L 498.00Illusion Halfling Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfHaflingBTE
Fuzzy Foothairs Alla00L 00.00Illusion Halfling Lucy AllaAnySelfHaflingAllGM
Guktan Tongue Alla00 00.10Illusion Guktan Lucy AllaAnySelfGuktanAllGM
Mask of the Lost Guktan Alla00L 02.00Illusion Guktan Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGuktanAll
Guktan Pastwatch Eye Alla700L 601.00Illusion Guktan Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGuktanAll
Woven Shadow Stone Alla700L 701.50Illusion Guktan Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGuktanT
Oddtune, the Chaotic Minstrel Alla700L 701.50Illusion Guktan Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGuktanB
Visage of the Ice Golem Alla00 02.00Illusion Ice Golem Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGolem, IceAllLoN
Visage of the Crystal Golem Alla00 02.00Illusion Crystal Golem Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGolem, CrystalAllLoN
Mask of Nurga Alla00 02.00Illusion Kunark Goblin Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGoblin, KunarkAll
Mask of the Grumpy Goblin Alla650L 03.00Illusion Frost Goblin Lucy AllaAnySelfGoblin, FrostAll
Visage of the Frozen Goblin Alla00 02.00Illusion Frost Goblin Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGoblin, FrostAllLoN
Golden Mask of the Goblin King Alla00 05.010Illusion Goblin King Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGoblin KingAll
Miniature Eyepatch Alla00 02.00Miniature Eyepatch Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGnome, PirateAllLoN
Mask of Tinkering Alla00LN04.00Illusion Gnome Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGnomeBT
Stone of Gnoming Alla00L 00.00Illusion Gnome Lucy AllaAnySelfGnomeAllGM
Mask of the Devious Alla650L 653.00Illusion Gnome Lucy AllaMustSelfGnomeAll
Eyepiece of the Fancy Tinker Alla850L 01.20Illusion Gnome Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGnomeBTE
Gnoll Disguise Alla00L 850.530Illusion Gnoll Lucy AllaAnySelfGnollNone
Gumdrop Button Alla00 02.00Illusion Gingerbread Man Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGingerbread ManAllBeta
Visage of the King Gelaqua Alla00 02.00Illusion Gelidran Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGelidranAllLoN
Visage of the Stone Gargoyle Alla00 02.00Illusion Stone Gargoyle Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGargoyle, StoneAllLoN
Aspect of the Bloodstone Alla00 02.00Illusion Blood Runed Gargoyle Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGargoyle, Blood RunedAllLoN
Tasty Froglok Leg Alla00L 00.00Illusion Froglok Lucy AllaAnySelfFroglokAllGM
Fairy Wing Alla00L 06.00Illusion Fairy Lucy AllaMustSelfFairyAllBeta
Lens of the Evil Eye Alla00L 06.00Illusion Evil Eye Lucy AllaMustSelfEvil EyeAll
Mask of Obtenebration Alla00LN156.00Illusion Erudite Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfEruditeBT
Scroll of Knowledge Alla00L 00.00Illusion Erudite Lucy AllaAnySelfEruditeAllGM
Crown of Deceit Alla00L 06.00Illusion Fier'dal Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, WoodAll
Treehugger's Shrub Alla00L 00.00Illusion Wood Elf Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, WoodAllGM
Wood Friend Bauble Alla00 06.00Illusion Fier'dal Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, WoodAll
Guise of the Coercer Alla00L 15.06.00Illusion High Elf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElf, HighBT
Inlaid Jade Hoop Alla00LN451.50Illusion High Elf Lucy AllaMustSelfElf, HighE
Wreath of Takish Hiz Alla00L 00.00Illusion High Elf Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, HighAllGM
Gore-Splattered Shoulders Alla750L 753.00Illusion High Elf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElf, HighAll
Burnoose of the Halfbreed Alla00L 349.00Illusion Half-Elf Lucy AllaMustSelfElf, HalfBT
Ring of Halves Alla00L 00.00Illusion Half-Elf Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, HalfAllGM
Guise of the Deceiver Alla00 06.00Illusion Dark Elf Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, DarkBT
Mask of Deception Alla00L 156.00Illusion Dark Elf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElf, DarkBT
Vial of Inky Ink Alla00L 00.00Illusion Dark Elf Lucy AllaAnySelfElf, DarkAllGM
Darkened Mask of Deception Alla7176L 04.00Illusion Dark Elf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElf, DarkBT
Ancient Mask of Deception Alla00 156.00Illusion Dark Elf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElf, DarkBT
Mask of Deception Alla8085L 03.50Illusion Dark Elf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElf, DarkBT
Neriad Shawl Alla00L 254.00Illusion Water Elemental Lucy AllaMustSelfElemental, WaterBE
Glass of Water Alla00 00.10Illusion Water Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, WaterAllGM
Shiliskin Trickster Mask Alla6068L 00.00Illusion Water Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, WaterAll
Undershore Spirit Patch Alla530L 00.00Illusion Water Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, WaterAll
Witheran Prowler Mask Alla650L 00.00Illusion Water Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, WaterAll
Veil of Flames Alla060L 010.00Illusion Fire Elemental Lucy AllaMustSelfElemental, FireMBTAZ
Fabled Veil of Flames Alla750L 7510.00Illusion Fire Elemental Lucy AllaMustSelfElemental, FireMBTAZ
Fiery Rock Alla00 00.10Illusion Fire Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, FireAllGM
Lute of the Mischiefmaker Alla068L 02.00Illusion Fire Elemental Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElemental, FireB
Crystal Amulet of the Seer Alla750L 752.00Illusion Fire Elemental Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElemental, FireCDSNIGE
Ball of Golem Clay Alla062L 06.00Illusion Earth Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, EarthAll
Fabled Ball of Golem Clay Alla7579L 06.01800Fabled Illusion Earth Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, EarthAll
Sack of Clay Alla00 00.10Illusion Earth Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, EarthAllGM
Aged Muramite Lute Alla660LN02.00Illusion Earth Elemental Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfElemental, EarthB
Second Breath Alla00 00.10Illusion Air Elemental Lucy AllaAnySelfElemental, AirAllGM
Kelp-String Lute of Tide Rituals Alla600L 602.00Illusion Air Elemental Lucy AllaMustSelfElemental, AirB
Besmirched Mask of Conception Alla550L 5510.00Illusion Dwarf Lucy AllaMustSelfDwarfBT
Dwarven Keg Alla00L 00.00Illusion Dwarf Lucy AllaAnySelfDwarfAllGM
Sootstained Shroud of Creation Alla850L 02.00Illusion Dwarf Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfDwarfBTE
Dragorn War Mask Alla00 02.00Dragorn War Mask Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfDragornAll
Aspect of the Brood Alla00 00.00Illusion Flying Dragon Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfDragon, FlyingAll
Visage of the Dark Arachnids Alla00 02.00Illusion Drachnid Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfDrachnidAll
Mask of the Chetari Alla980L 01.00Illusion Chetari Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfChetariAllD *
Bracer of the Centaur Archer Alla00 02.00Illusion Centaur Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfCentaurAll
Polymorph Wand: Simple Gnomework Alla00 02.00Illusion Simple Gnomework Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGnomework, SimpleAll
Polymorph Wand: Flame Telmira Alla00 02.00Illusion Flame Telmira Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfFlame TelmiraAll
Verdant Selyrah Whistle Alla00 02.00Illusion Verdant Selyrah Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfVerdant SelyrahAll
Heavy Lifting Device Alla00 01.50Illusion Steam Suit Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSteam SuitAll
Polymorph Wand: Simple Gnoll Alla00 02.00Illusion Gnoll Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfGnollAllM
Madness of Stomples Alla00 00.01800Illusion White Bunny Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBunny, WhiteAll
Polymorph Wand: Burning Nekhon Alla00 02.00Illusion Burning Nekhon Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBurning NekhonAllM
Polymorph Wand: Steam Suit Alla00 02.00Illusion Steam Suit Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSteam SuitAllM
Worn Old Rabbit's Foot Alla00 02.00Illusion Polka Dot Bunny Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBunny, Polka DotAllA
Visage of the Brownie Noble Alla00 02.00Illusion Brownie Noble Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBrownie NobleAllM
Visage of Nillipus Alla00 02.00Illusion Brownie Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBrownieAllM
Visage of Queen Pelzia Alla00 02.00Illusion Bixie Queen Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBixie QueenAll M
Visage of the Bixie Drone Alla00 02.00Illusion Bixie Drone Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBixie DroneAllM
Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask Alla00LN156.00Illusion Barbarian Lucy AllaMustSelfBarbarianBTD
Kilt of the Northmen Alla00L 00.00Illusion Barbarian Lucy AllaAnySelfBarbarianAllGM
Visage of the Screaming Banshee Alla00 02.00Illusion Banshee Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBansheeAllM
Essence of the Banshee Alla00 02.00Illusion Banshee Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfBansheeAllLoN
Aspect of the Eagle Alla00 02.00Illusion Eagle Aviak Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfAviak, EagleAllLoN
Visage of the Aviak Rook Alla00 02.00Illusion Aviak Rook Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfAviak RookAllM
Filth Covered Mask Alla950L 01.00Illusion Putrid Swinetor Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfSwinetor, PutridBTED
Mask of Oseka's Servant Alla950L 01.00Illusion Hadal Lucy AllaAny, CanSelfHadalBTED
Petamorph Wand - Aviak Alla00 05.010Pet Illusion Aviak Lucy AllaAny, CanSummoned PetAviak RookAllM
Petamorph Wand - Gnomework Alla00 02.060Illusion Gnomework Lucy AllaAny, CanSummoned PetGnomeworkAllM
Shroud of Relife Alla00 H02.0?Illusion: Relife Lucy AllaAnySelfRelife (Calavera Skeleton)AllC
Guise of the Iron-Toothed Earth Digger Alla00 H02.0?Illusion: Burynai Lucy AllaAnySelfIllusion: BurynaiAllC
Visage of the Tyrannosaurus Hatchling Alla00LD01.5?Illusion Tyrannosaurus Lucy AllaAnySelfTyrannosaurus hatchlingAllA

Column Notes:

  • Item - Item Name and Link to Lucy (and/or Alla) page.
  • Req - Required Level of Item.
  • Rec - Recommended Level of Item.
  • L - Lore (L).
  • D - No Trade (Drop) (No drop)(Heirloom).
  • Lvl - Required Level for Click Effect.
  • Cast - Casting Time in Seconds.
  • Dly - Recast Delay in Seconds.
  • Clicky - Name of Click Effect and Link to Lucy and Alla Spell Effect page.
  • Equip - Whether must equip or not to activate the Click Effect.
  • Target - Target Type (Self, Single, Group, Pet, etc.).
  • Fx - Illusion Type.
  • Classes:
    • Z - Ber - Berserker
    • B - Brd - Bard
    • A - Bst - Beastlord
    • C - Clr - Cleric
    • D - Dru - Druid
    • E - Enc - Enchanter
    • G - Mag - Magician
    • M - Mnk - Monk
    • N - Nec - Necromancer
    • P - Pal - Paladin
    • R - Rng - Ranger
    • T - Rog - Rogue
    • S - Shm - Shaman
    • K - Shd - Shadowknight
    • W - War - Warrior
    • I - Wiz - Wizard
  • Src
    • Beta - Reward for participating in Beta
    • D - Dropped
    • GM - GM Item or Granted
    • LoN - Legends of Norrath claim item
    • Q - Quested
    • A - Acheivment
    • TS - Tradeskilled
    • P - Purchased in game
    • M - Marketplace purchase
    • C - Collectors editions expansion purchase


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