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These three templates create a disambiguation table for any database pagename that has multiple matching records.


{{dab top|gameid}}
{{dab line|gameid|dbname|dbid|zone}} 
{{dab bottom|gameid|dbname}}

dab top - Defines the table header

  • gameid
    • Self-explanatory. One of EQ, EQ2, WOW, WAR, FFXI, etc.

dab line - Defines the table header

  • gameid
    • See above.
  • dbname
    • The name of the appropriate database, such as Quest, Item, Mob, Object, Ability, Spell, etc. Together with the gameid this must form the namespace, such as EQ2 Item, WAR Quest, WOW Mob, etc.
  • dbid
    • The database id number of the record you are referencing. This can be found several different ways. The simplest is following the pagename in the auto-generated list on the (disambiguation) page. It will also be the number on the very end of the URL for the page.
  • zone
    • The name of the zone this version of the thing is found in.

dab bottom - Defines the table header

  • gameid
    • See above.
  • dbid
    • See above. This is included in the bottom so that it can be passed to {{disambig}} to display the extended help message.

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