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Please consider uploading an image of how this item looks when worn, equipped, or placed. For suggestions on how to best help us with in-game pictures, see A Photographer's Guide to Norrath.

This is a sub-template used by many of the auto-include Bottom templates to test for a picture in the Image System. If none is found, a message is displayed to beg for pictures (unless nobeg=y).

Usage: {{Test4Pic|gameid|db_singular|thumb=|pos=|px=|nobeg=}}


One of eq, eq2, ffxi, wow, etc. Default: eq2
The non-plural form of the database name, such as item, quest, mob, zone. Default: item
If defined and not blank, use BigThumb to display the picture
pos=, px= and caption=
Passed to BigThumb if thumb= is not blank. px= is also used to set the width if the "beg for pic" box, if defined, whether thumb= is set or not.
If defined and not blank, do not display a picture beg message!

If there is no image, this template will add the page to a category like those, below, dependent on gameid and db_singular.

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The Relentless
Fae Wizard
Lucan D'Lere
EverQuest II
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