Felena's Sorrow  

Type:Instanced Dungeon
Catacombs expansion Required
Min Level:28
Max Level:40
Note from Meri of Bedevere:
When you enter you will see Cursed Toad near the door. Once you talk to him he will follow you. You may want to clear your way to Felena first, then go talk to him. Once you talk to him you learn he is Felena's love Bowyn, turned into a frog by High Priest Koal. You must talk to Cursed Toad, then Felena to get High Priest Koal to pop. After killing the priest, return to the entrance to find Bowyn in his true form. Talk to him to receive a reward (he will drop it on the ground; you have to manually loot it.)

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Updated: Tue Jun 17 02:41:15 2008

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