Min Level:15
Max Level:19
BG0 since Patch 1.60, has been opened for players to get their very first taste of RVR action at an earlier level. Characters can enter Abermenai if they are level 15-19. The realm point cap for this battleground is lower than Thidranki(125), but high enough so that players can purchase their first realm abilities at an earlier level.

Dun Abermenai faces a neutral location.

As of the release of the New Frontiers expansion this zone no longer exists.
This section will remain for the Euro DAoC players, once New Frontiers is released there this section will be deleted.

Links and Maps:

Updated: Tue Jun 22 16:33:26 2004
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# Jun 30 2003 at 5:32 AM Rating: Default
im new to rvr, my main is lvl 18. after numerous failed assaults on dun abermenai, we realise that the gate is just to powerful to knock down with mere axes and nukes, yet no-one can be bothered to get a siege weapon. i was wondering, do you begin doing more damage to gates as you get to higher levels or does it remain 5 damage (at the most) thus forcing you to find a siege crafter?
Strategy! Tactics!
# Apr 04 2003 at 2:44 PM Rating: Good
Some advice after a few way-too-quick deaths in this slaughterhouse:

Tanks - Guard, Protect, Intercept for all you're worth! If possible, each caster should have a tank Intercepting for them at all times.

Casters - You are not a tank, so you shouldn't be in the front lines or running around out of sight of your group. When the bolts, arrows and fireballs start coming your way, put a tank or a terrain feature between you and the enemy a.s.a.p. For example, the banks of the river are great places to duck out of sight, only popping up when you cast.

Tanks and Casters - You'll live a lot longer if you let the Stealthers take care of scouting duties. Soloing here is pretty suicidal if you can't hide.

Groups - Please, please, please set a goal for the group and make certain everyone knows what the goal is. Running around in circles looking for enemies generally tends to get you dead very fast. Letting your resurrectors get killed is suicide, also. AOE's are deadly for a group packed too tightly, but don't split into four pairs of people on opposite sides of the battleground, you'll just read each other's death messages.

If you're playing offensively, pick a target, like the central keep, or an enemy siege weapon, and go attack it together.

If you're being defensive, try to find a good defensible spot and stay there. Don't worry, enemies will find you.

One more time, unless you're deliberately scouting out enemy positions, don't run in circles around the battleground. You will just end up spending too much silver on medallions.

Let's bring some semblance of strategy and tactics to BG0.

Karl (Alb Kay Paladin)
Adonwyr (Hib Pellinor Druid)
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