Soul Orbs  

Start Zone: Roman Aqueducts
Start NPC:Arioc
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:6 minutes
Min Level:10
Max Level:13
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Plutonian Lurker
Related Items:
  Soul Orb
  Full Soul Orb
Last Updated:Mon Jul 23 22:47:52 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Talk to Arioc at loc=21744,11895 Roman Aqueducts
2) Travel to loc=20023,17005 Roman Aqueducts and kill 3 Plutonian Lurkers to fill the Soul Orb
3) Give the Full Soul Orb to Arioc for your reward.

lvl 10 received 12,800 experience and 4 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Talk to Arioc at loc=21744,11895,16958 dir=320 Roman Aqueducts

Arioc looks up from a glowing crystal orb he is studying.

Arioc says, "So many of these orbs have passed through my hands and yet I still find myself fascinated by them. I find myself spending more and more time staring into their endless depths instead of accomplishing the task that my lord Arawn has [set before me]."

Arioc says, "I am supposed to be collecting samples of the tenebrae, those strange creatures that dwell within these depths. My lord Arawn wishes to know more about them since they are unknown to us. In addition to collecting souls, I am responsible for making sure that souls collected elsewhere are properly transported to the Upper Crypt. But now my lord Arawn has given me [a third] task to accomplish."

Arioc says, "The Plutonians that roam these Aqueducts are waylaying surface-dwellers like you that are coming to our aid. These acts of aggression by the Plutonians have caused my lord Arawn to become angry. He has charged me with [clearing out] some of these Plutonians."

Arioc says, "I am to gather the souls of these Plutonians as proof to my lord Arawn that I have accomplished the task he has set before me. But with the other tasks I have been given, and my fascination with these orbs, I fear I will fail in this task, and that is not acceptable to my lord Arawn. Thankfully my lord Arawn has granted me intelligence, and I have come up with [a solution]."

Arioc says, "I have obtained some coins from various surface-dwellers that have passed this way. I will give those coins to you in exchange for your help, (your class). If you go and fill one of these soul orbs with Plutonian souls, I will give you these coins. What do [you think] of that?"

Will you help Arioc by collecting Plutonian souls? [Levels 10-13]
You have been given the Soul Orbs quest.

Arioc says, "Your kindness is appreciated, (your class). Now, there is a specific kind of Plutonian that my lord Arawn wants taken care of. The Plutonian lurkers are the focus of your task, (your class). Take this Soul Orb and fill it with the souls of 3 lurkers. When the Soul Orb is filled, return to me. You can find the Plutonian lurkers not far from here. You should head west to the intersection, then south to the next intersection. Some can be found to the south but some can also be found to the east at the next intersection."

You receive the Soul Orb from Arioc!

[Step #1] Hunt Plutonian lurkers. From Arioc, travel west to the intersection, then south to the next intersection. Some can be found to the south as well to the east at the intersection.
  • Plutonian lurkers can be found at loc=20023,17005,16784 dir=187 Roman Aqueducts

  • [Step #2] Obtain two more souls from the Plutonian lurkers.

    [Step #3] Obtain one more soul from the Plutonian lurkers.

    [Step #4] Return to Arioc near the entrance of the Aqueducts.

    Arioc says, "I am glad you have returned, (your class). I have received a message from my lord Arawn asking for the Soul Orb to be delivered to him immediately. Please give me the Full Soul Orb now!"

    [Step #5] Give the Full Soul Orb to Arioc.

    Arioc says, "Thank you, (your class). I shall not be the recipient of my lord Arawn's wrath for now. I shall deliver this Soul Orb to him immediately. But before I set out on my way, I must give you your reward. Here, take this money with my thanks. May lord Arawn watch over you, (your class)! "

    You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!
    You are awarded 12,800 experience!
    You have completed the Soul Orbs quest!

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