Black Mountain Attack  

Start Zone: Black Mountains South
Start Location:Ludlow Village
Start NPC:Mayor Palastam
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:10
Max Level:15
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Red Dwarf
  Red Dwarf Leader
Last Updated:Fri Nov 5 23:56:39 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Mayor Palastam in Ludlow Village, loc=47776,43538 Black Mtns. South.

Well met. Pardon the late introduction; I've been busy with the Black Mountain Blades problem. They have us surrounded, with no hope of reinforcements and at their mercy. Travel by way of the roads without consent and a hefty bribe is nigh impossible. Our garrison is busy defending town while the countryside sits in the hands of outlaws. Our situation here is dire, and I see no way to break the siege.

We discovered that Gundron McCory is leading the Blades wit aid from the Wynedds. It's despicable that our own allied with those mangy Red Dwarves. It also seems that the dwarves are more organized than we thought. They have a leader who coordinates efforts with the Blades. We need to find the stronghold and eliminate all of the dwarves and their leader, though we've more in store than all out attack. A blade and some cloaks with Black Mountain insignias need to be planted in the camp - we'll see how strong this alliance really is.

Go to the Red Dwarf camp. Slay the Red Dwarves and their leader. Try to find a supply crate to plant the evidence in. Return to Mayor Palastam in Ludlow when done. (Right click objects to plant evidence.)

Quest Goal: Kill the red dwarves (5)
Quest Goal: Kill the red dwarf leader (1)
Quest Goal: Plant the Black Mountain Evidence

29 silver 39 copper

lvl 10 received 98,880 experience.

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