Tuesday January 31, 2012

DAoC Update

More Pictish Albion finds from TimS for tonights update! Thanks Tim!

New Albion Items:
Pictish Whip (16.5 DPS)Pictish Weighted Staff (16.5 DPS)Pictish Runic Mace (16.5 DPS)Pictish Pike (16.5 DPS)Pictish Longsword (Alb - 16.5 DPS)Pictish Great Hammer (Alb - 16.5 DPS)Pictish Gnarled Branch (Alb - 16.5 DPS)Pictish Dagger (Alb - 16.5 DPS) Pictish Drawn Totem (lvl 25) (Alb) Pictish Martial Totem (lvl 25) (Alb)
New Midgard Items: Pictish Spear (Mid - 16.5 DPS)Pictish Great Hammer (Mid - 16.5 DPS)Pictish Greave (16.5 DPS) Pictish War Axe (Mid - 16.5 DPS) Pictish War Axe (Mid - 10.5 DPS)
New All Items: Pictish Targe (16.5 DPS)Pictish Leather Wrap (16.5 DPS)

New Albion Mobs: Chieftess BiliKelyl BlackthornChieftain MurtolicChieftess FreliChieftess MurneTormented DruidWaning SpiritDepraved Ghostly KnightHunter Borsen

Updated Albion Items: Deathrune RobesMajestical RingPictish Drawn Totem (lvl 10) (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Pictish Runic Hammer (Mid - 10.5 DPS)Pictish Great Hammer (Mid - 10.5 DPS)Pictish Spear (Mid - 13.5 DPS) Pictish Left Axe (13.5 DPS)Pictish Great Hammer (Mid - 13.5 DPS)Pictish Runic Hammer (Mid - 13.5 DPS)
Updated All Items: Pictish Leather Wrap (10.5 DPS)

Updated Albion Mobs: Pictish Settler (Alb)Pictish Nomad (Alb)Pictish Protector (Alb)Pictish Scout (Alb)Pictish Mage (Alb)Pictish Elemental (Alb)Pictish Healer (Alb)Sir AmbizTa'ifah AlhambraChieftain Gurum


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