Dye Chart

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Dye Color
Cost Cloth
Cloth Dye
Leather Dye
Enamel Dye
Plate w/Kilt
Enamel Dye
Undyed n/a Cloth: Plain Leather: Plain Chain: Plain Plate: Plain
Lime Green crafted only Cloth: Lime Green Leather: Lime Green Chain: Lime Green  
Pale Green crafted only Cloth: Pale Green Leather: Pale Green Chain: Pale Green  
Sage Green crafted only Cloth: Sage Green Leather: Sage Green Chain: Sage Green  
Light Green 1s Cloth: Light Green Leather: Light Green Chain: Light Green Plate: Light Green
Green 25s Cloth: Green Leather: Green Chain: Green Plate: Green
Royal Green 1g25s Cloth: Royal Green Leather: Royal Green Chain: Royal Green Plate: Royal Green
Forest Green 6g Cloth: Forest Green Leather: Forest Green Chain: Forest Green Plate: Forest Green
Olive Green crafted only Cloth: Olive Green Leather: Olive Green Chain: Olive Green  
Tan crafted only Cloth: Tan   Chain: Tan  
Light Brown 1s Cloth: Light Brown Leather: Light Brown Chain: Light Brown Plate: Light Brown
Dark Brown 5s Cloth: Dark Brown Leather: Dark Brown Chain: Brown Plate: Dark Brown
Earthen Brown crafted only Cloth: Earthen Brown Leather: Earthen Brown Chain: Earthen Brown  
Olive Gray crafted only Cloth: Olive Gray Leather: Olive Gray Chain: Olive Gray  
Light Gray crafted only Cloth: Light Gray Leather: Light Gray Chain: Light Gray  
Dark Gray 1g25s Cloth: Dark Gray Leather: Dark Gray Chain: Dark Gray Plate: Dark Gray
Charcoal 6g Cloth: Charcoal Leather: Charcoal Chain: Charcoal Plate: Charcoal
Black 30g Cloth: Black Leather: Black Chain: Black Plate: Black
Dusky Orange crafted only Cloth: Dusky Orange Leather: Dusky Orange Chain: Dusky Orange  
Light Orange 1s Cloth: Light Orange Leather: Light Orange Chain: Light Orange Plate: Light Orange
Orange 25s Cloth: Orange Leather: Orange Chain: Orange Plate: Orange
Royal Orange 25s Cloth: Royal Orange Leather: Royal Orange Chain: Royal Orange Plate: Royal Orange
Light Yellow 1s Cloth: Light Yellow Leather: Light Yellow Chain: Light Yellow Plate: Light Yellow
Yellow 5s Cloth: Yellow Leather: Yellow Chain: Yellow Plate: Yellow
Royal Yellow 25s Cloth: Royal Yellow Leather: Royal Yellow Chain: Royal Yellow Plate: Royal Yellow
Light Gold crafted only Cloth: Light Gold Leather: Light Gold Chain: Light Gold  
Dark Gold crafted only Cloth: Dark Gold Leather: Dark Gold Chain: Dark Gold  
Pale Blue crafted only Cloth: Pale Blue Leather: Pale Blue Chain: Pale Blue  
Gray Blue crafted only Cloth: Gray Blue Leather: Gray Blue Chain: Gray Blue  
Light Blue 1s Cloth: Light Blue Leather: Light Blue Chain: Light Blue Plate: Light Blue
Blue 25s Cloth: Blue Leather: Blue Chain: Blue Plate: Blue
Royal Blue 30g Cloth: Royal Blue Leather: Royal Blue Chain: Royal Blue Plate: Royal Blue
Dark Blue 30g Cloth: Dark Blue Leather: Dark Blue Chain: Dark Blue Plate: Dark Blue
Gray Teal crafted only Cloth: Gray Teal Leather: Gray Teal Chain: Gray Teal  
Light Turquoise 1g25s Cloth: Light Turquoise Leather: Light Turquoise Chain: Light Turquoise Plate: Light Turquoise
Turquoise 6g Cloth: Turquoise Leather: Turquoise Chain: Turquoise Plate: Turquoise
Royal Turquoise 30g Cloth: Royal Turquoise Leather: Royal Turquoise Chain: Royal Turquoise Plate: Royal Turquoise
Light Teal 25s Cloth: Light Teal Leather: Light Teal Chain: Light Teal Plate: Light Teal
Teal 1g25s Cloth: Teal Leather: Teal Chain: Teal Plate: Teal
Royal Teal 6g Cloth: Royal Teal Leather: Royal Teal Chain: Royal Teal Plate: Royal Teal
Dark Teal 30g Cloth: Dark Teal Leather: Dark Teal Chain: Dark Teal Plate: Dark Teal
Bright Red crafted only Cloth: Bright Red Leather: Bright Red Chain: Bright Red  
Light Red 1s Cloth: Light Red Leather: Light Red Chain: Light Red Plate: Light Red
Red 25s Cloth: Red Leather: Red Chain: Red Plate: Red
Royal Red 30g Cloth: Royal Red Leather: Royal Red Chain: Royal Red Plate: Royal Red
Crimson 30g Cloth: Crimson Leather: Crimson Chain: Crimson Plate: Crimson
Dusky Rose crafted only Cloth: Dusky Rose Leather: Dusky Rose Chain: Dusky Rose  
Mauve 30g Cloth: Mauve Leather: Mauve Chain: Mauve Plate: Mauve
Plum crafted only Cloth: Plum Leather: Plum Chain: Plum  
Rust 6g Cloth: Rust Leather: Rust Chain: Rust Plate: Rust
Dusky Violet crafted only Cloth: Dusky Violet Leather: Dusky Violet Chain: Dusky Violet  
Light Purple 1g25s Cloth: Light Purple Leather: Light Purple Chain: Light Purple Plate: Light Purple
Purple 6g Cloth: Purple Leather: Purple Chain: Purple Plate: Purple
Royal Purple 30g Cloth: Royal Purple Leather: Royal Purple Chain: Royal Purple Plate: Royal Purple
Dark Purple 30g Cloth: Dark Purple Leather: Dark Purple Chain: Dark Purple Plate: Dark Purple
Deep Violet crafted only Cloth: Deep Violet Leather: Deep Violet Chain: Deep Violet  
Dark Violet crafted only Cloth: Dark Violet Leather: Dark Violet Chain: Dark Violet  
Violet 30g Cloth: Violet Leather: Violet Chain: Violet Plate: Violet
Bright Rose crafted only Cloth: Bright Rose Leather: Bright Rose Chain: Bright Rose  
* Images taken with Shrouded Isles expansion, also taken with torch light on and during daylight.
** Studded/reinforced armor not charted, the look is very similar to the dyed leather. However, studded leather takes enamel dye and not leather dye.
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