Emote List

Command Description
/angry Make an angry face.
/bang Bang on your shield loudly
/beckon Beckon someone to you with your hand
/beg Please for items or money
/blush Act in a shy manner
/bow Give an honorable bow
/charge Onward!
/cheer Cheer with both hands in the air
/clap Make a clapping gesture
/confuse You look confused.
/cry Sob pathetically
/curtsey Give a low curtsey
/dance Dance a little jig
/dismiss Make a dismissing gesture
/doh You slap your head in confusion.
/drink Take a drink.
/flex Makes a flexing gesture
/hug Makes a hugging gesture
/induct Make a ceremonial induction gesture
/kiss Blow a kiss
/knock Knocks on a player's house door.
/laugh Makes a laughing gesture
/lookfar You look into the distance
/mememe You demand someone pick you.
/military A military salute
/no Shake your head
/point Points to something in front of you
/ponder For when you just want to go "hmmmm..."
/present To present someone with something
/raise Raise your hand, as in volunteering
/rofl You roll on the floor laughing.
/rude Makes a rude gesture
/salute Makes a stiff salute
/shiver You shiver.
/shrug Shrug your shoulders
/slap Slap someone
/slit Let your enemy know you mean business. Makes a slitting throat gesture.
/smile Smile at someone.
/stagger You stagger about.
/stench You wave away the local stench.
/surrender I give up!
/sweat You break into a sweat.
/taunt A very mean gesture when you really want to irritate the enemy
/victory Make a victory cheer
/wave Makes a waving gesture
/worship Worship everything and nothing
/yawn You Yawn.
/yes Nod your head