Class Type:Advanced
Parent Class:Fighter

Official Description

Reavers are hybrid Necromancer/Fighters with chain armor and a variety of Albion weapon skills. They are the fighting class that protects Arawn, lord of the underworld. Reavers are hybrid caster/tanks, related in spirit more to the Thane and Champion than the Paladin they have some debuffs, like the Champion, and some direct damage/lifetap, like the Thane. They also can specialize in a variety of melee skills including all the 1 handed weapon specs, shields, and parry. Their spells are a variety of debuffs and lifedrains which are intended to augment their damage in combat.

Reavers can specialize in the new weapon type: Flexible Weapons, which includes whips, flails, morningstars, chains, and the like. The Flexible Weapons have different damage types for the different types of FWs Chains are be crushing, whips slashing, etc.

A new spell function is being added to the Reaver: the 'proccing' life drain duration buff which, when active, gives a chance to heal the Reaver while he damages his enemies.

Fighters become Reavers by joining the Temple of Arawn. Britons, Saracens, and Inconnu can become Reavers.

By Matt Firor per HomeLAN interview

Per patch 1.109 (April 27, 2011):
All classes will now receive their final armor and shield proficiencies at level 1. Additionally, all classes will be able to use all weapons that their class can use at level 1, and will be granted access to all specialization lines at level 1. This change has affected the following classes, which have had all skill points refunded: Armsman, Cleric, Friar, Infiltrator, Mercenary, Minstrel, Paladin, Reaver, Scout.

5th: Medium Shields
9th: Protect I
10th: Chain Armor
15th: Evade I
17th: Large Shields and Protect II
24th: Protect III

Arms and Armor

As a hybrid fighting class, Reavers can use up to chain armor, and can use all one-handed Albion weapons (1h Slash, Crush, Flexible, and Thrust). They also get evade I, which will help them offset their lack of plate armor. They also get the ability to use shields and the abilities that come with it: intercept and protect.

Auto-training in Flexible Weapons and Slashing.

Trainers and Locations:
Adribard's Retreat - Doysa
Caer Diogel -- Oleria
Caer Gothwaithe -- Melarlian
Camelot -- Charone
Fort Gwyntell -- Maranen
Inconnu Crypt -- D'wirader

Levels and Titles:
Level 05 -- Dark Squire
Level 10 -- Strongarm of Arawn
Level 15 -- Protector of Arawn
Level 20 -- Soul Protector
Level 25 -- Gray Knight
Level 30 -- Defender of Arawn
Level 35 -- Underworld Knight
Level 40 -- Guardian of Arawn
Level 45 -- Hero of Arawn
Level 50 -- Dark Knight
Quests for Reaver
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Additional Info

Starting Stats:
Primary = STR; Secondary = DEX; Tertiary = PIE
Briton 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
Inconnu 50 60 70 50 70 60 60 60
Saracen 50 50 80 60 60 60 60 60
Skill points acquired every level: 2 X current level.

Epic Quest List:

For Necromancer, Heretic and Reaver

Level Name
5 Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) (II)
10 Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2)
15 The Search at Snowdonia (Epic 3)
20 Lost Souls (Epic 4)
25 Finding the Way (Epic 5)
30 Closing the Way (Epic 6)
35 A New Threat (Epic 7)
40 Confronting Vortimer (Epic 8)
45 Rest for the Dead (Epic 9)
Realm Abilities for Reaver
Weapon Styles for Reaver


  Armor Crafting
  Armor: Chain
  Armor: Cloth
  Reaver Soulrending
  Weapon Smithing


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