Class Type:Base
Advanced Classes:
Per patch 1.93 (4.02.08)
- Base Class removal - As part of this expansion to the starter area content, we have removed the necessity to choose a base class upon character creation. Instead, players can choose any of the advanced classes available to their chosen race.

Example: Bob wants to try his hand at being a Thane. Instead of choosing to join the Viking Base Class, leveling to five, then choosing to be a Thane; Bob can just choose to be a Thane from the Character Selection screen.

- When creating a new character, players will choose the advanced class they want immediately. Because of the amount of advanced classes available to the player, the starting stat allocation process has been modified.

Dedicated to The Church of Albion, Acolytes are men of faith who specialize in spells that make their friends stronger, and keeps them healthy. Clerics rely on their Piety and Constitution. They can become Friars and Clerics.

Base Abilities: Rejuvenation*, Enhancements*, Leather Armor, Small Shields, Crushing.

Trainers and Location:
Adribard's Retreat -- Sister Chael
Caer Gothwaite -- Delores
Humberton Castle -- Brother Dupre
Prydwen Keep -- Sister Gwendolyn
Quests for Acolyte
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  Armor Crafting
  Armor: Cloth
  Armor: Leather
  Weapon Smithing
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