Culmination (Mid)  

Start Zone: Vale of Mularn
Start NPC:Dalikor
Avg. Time:5 minutes
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Min Level:5
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 01:01:43 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

Per patch 1.84:
- Culmination - The majority of the vendo grunts that had previously established a stronghold inside Queen Vuuna's camp have been removed.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Travel to loc=41211,50221 Vale of Mularn to speak with Dalikor
2) Go to loc= 45394,39768 Vale of Mularn and speak with MasterBriedi.
3) Kill Queen Vuuna, center of the Askefruer village, loc=47071,38934 Vale of Mularn.
4) Speak with MasterBried.
5) Go back to Dalikor and hand him Queen Vuuna's Head for your rewards.

lvl 5 viking received 507 experience, 8 silver, Recruit's Studded Helm and Recruit's Tarnished Bauble.

Dialog for Quest:
Travel to loc=41211,50221,5018 dir=242 Vale of Mularn to speak with Dalikor

Dalikor says, "Hello again Eeinken. No doubt you have seen the Askefruer village northeast of here. They have been amassing as many Askfruer as they can, calling them from all over Midgard. We are dealing with a very large [problem]."

Dalikor says, "I have already contacted Master Briedi and a few other former recruits to help with the situation. There are many Askefruer, but the task of slaying their [queen] has fallen to you."

Dalikor says, "This is a very important task I have set before you recruit Eeinken. Will you [take on] this burden and help Mularn?"

Are you ready to take part in this monumental battle for the good of Mularn? [Level 5]
You have been given the Culmination quest.

Dalikor says, "Alright my friend. Here is what you must do. You must travel northeast from this tower towards the road to Haggerfel. Follow the road a little ways. You will see the Askefruer village on your right. Master Briedi is waiting for you there. Good luck."

[Step #1] Make your way northeast from Dalikor and take the road towards Haggerfel. You will see Master Briedi and his troups off to the right of the road.
  • Go to loc= 45394,39768,4709 dir=107 Vale of Mularn, there you will find Master Briedi waiting for you along with 4 other recruits. When you arrive there you will get a pop-up box telling you to "Speak with Master Briedi."

  • [Step #2] Speak with Master Briedi.

    Master Briedi says, "Ah, Eeinken, the one who always scares me. Yes, quite a pickle we're in this time, don't you agree? But don't worry, I have a [plan]."

    Master Briedi says, "Remember last time, with Princess Aiyr? Surely you remember, you can't be that old, can you? These fresh recruits and I will stave off the army so you can concentrate on the Queen. [Got that]?"

    Master Briedi says, "Good. Now, wait for her, she is tricky, but big, you should be able to spot her easily. Remember, let the recruits and I take care of the rest of them."

    Master Briedi says, "Attack!"

    [Step #3] Find and kill queen Vuuna.
  • When this starts rush in with the recruits, there will be a lot of Ire Fallen Askefruer Warrior's and Runemaster's (blue con to a lvl 5) flying about. Don't worry, they will not attack you, your job is to kill Queen, Vuuna, you will find her near the center of the Askefruer village, loc=47071,38934,4747 dir=50 Vale of Mularn. Kill her, upon her death Queen Vuuna's Head will appear in your inventory.

  • Queen Vuuna says, "No! This can not be!"
    You receive the Queen Vuuna's Head from Queen Vuuna!

    [Step #4] Speak with Master Briedi when the fighting is over.

    Master Briedi says, "Good fight Eeinken, good fight. Now that my work here is done, these fine recruits and I shall be heading back to Gotar where they can get some more training. Please tell Dalikor I returned to Gotar won't you? Be safe!"

    Master Briedi says, "Off we go!"

    [Step #5] Return to Dalikor at the guard town near Mularn. Hand him the head of Queen Vuuna as evidence that the Askefuer threat has now been extinguished. Tell him Master Briedi has [returned to Gotar].

    Dalikor says, "Welcome back Eeinken. Where is Master Briedi?"

    Dalikor says, "Ah, yes. I thought he would. He likes it there, for some reason. I'm hoping that this Askefruer threat is no more so I may go to visit with him. Tell me recruit, were you able to slay the queen?"

    Dalikor says, "I see. Excellent work recruit. Now, I have a [reward] for you."

    [Step #6] Wait for Dalikor to reward you. If he stops speaking with you, ask about a [reward] for your time and effort.

    Dalikor says, "The Council of Elders has authorized me to give you these two items as compensation for all the work you have done for us in this matter. I believe that now Eeinken, you have gone beyond my skills as a trainer. Always remember your training, it will come in more useful than you know. Now, return to your trainer, I'm sure they are anxious to assist you as your make your way in Midgard."

    You receive a Recruit's Studded Helm from Dalikor!
    You receive a Recruit's Tarnished Bauble from Dalikor!
    You are awarded 1,012 experience!
    You have finished the Culmination quest.

  • Recruit's Tarnished Bauble -- viking, seer, mystic

  • Recruit's Studded Helm -- viking
  • Recruit's Starkleader Helm -- seer
  • Recruit's Padded Cap -- mystic
  • Rewards:
      Recruit's Studded Helm (Mid) (old) (nld)
      Recruit's Tarnished Bauble (Mid) (nld)
      Recruit's Starkleader Helm
      Recruit's Padded Cap (old) (nld)
      Recruit's Spry Starkleader Helm

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    Culmination (Mid)
    # Sep 09 2006 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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    The Battlegrounds (level 5) quest follows after completing the Culmination quest.
    # Feb 14 2005 at 7:08 PM Rating: Good
    57 posts
    Seers (this a shaman still =op) get the following
    Recruit's Starkleader Helm
    AF 12 100% Qaul
    -4 Dex
    -12 Hits

    Recruit's Tarnished Bauble
    (Jewel) 100% Qual lvl 6 item 5% Bonus
    Will show up in chat delve as a ring but is a jewel

    -4 Con
    -12 Hits
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