Watcher's Death  

Start Zone: Underground Forest (Alb)
Start NPC:A'narion
Catacombs expansion Required
Min Level:37
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Hurrnos (Alb)
Last Updated:Sat Sep 3 01:49:45 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with A'narion at loc=10.8K 12K Underground Forest.
2) A'narion sends you to look for information about Galyndel's death, go /search loc=12.7K 24.1K Underground Forest
3) /USE the Tattered Terracite Parchment.
4) Go speak with Hurrnos, loc=11.5K 10.7K Underground Forest.
5) Hand the Tattered Terracite Parchment to Hurrnos for translation.
6) Now /USE the Translated Terracite Parchment from Hurrnos. Continue to speak with Hurrnos.
7) Hurrnos sends you to kill Caerid, loc= 31.2K 36.7K Underground Forest.
8) Once Caerid is dead and the kobold that appears runs away /search the area to find the Complete Terracite Parchment.
9) /USE Complete Terracite Parchment.
10) Now you must kill Bror, who can be found at loc= 31.6K 11.1K Underground Forest.
11) Return to A'narion and give him the items for your reward.

lvl 48 Cleric received 1,621,130,880 exp, 4 gold and Galyndel's Bracelet of Resilient Glory
lvl 42 received 1,395,000,000 exp.
lvl 46 received 1,621,130,880 exp

Dialog from quest:
A'narion says, "Cleric, if you are wise, you will not go wandering in this Forest alone. It is not a safe place for [lone travelers], as I have so sadly found out."

A'narion says, "Not long ago, I was sent here to the Underground Forest by my lord Arawn. My purpose here was to take up watch in this place so that Galyndel, who had been on watch for quite a while, could return to the safety of the Upper Crypt. When I arrived at the appointed place and time, I was shocked to find Galyndel lying upon the ground, [cold and lifeless]!"

A'narion says, "I did what I could to bring her back to life, even calling upon my lord Arawn's aid, but it was all for naught. Poor Galyndel had been dead for quite some time and her spirit had returned to Arawn. I was greatly saddened by Galyndel's death, but I was [also puzzled]."

A'narion says, "I discreetly examined her body to determine what had killed poor Galyndel, but I could find no signs of death. I reported this fact to my superiors who in turn reported it to Arawn. This finally caught Arawn's attention. He inspected Galyndel's body and determined she [was poisoned]!"

A'narion says, "Unfortunately, even with Arawn's great powers, he was unable to determine where the poison came from. I was told that Arawn believes someone is protecting the culprit. It has fallen upon my shoulders to uncover the culprit. I do not know how I shall do this while dealing with [my grief]."

A'narion says, "I was fond of Galyndel, and it was hard on me to be the one to find her body. It pains me even now to speak of her in the past tense, and yet I know I must do my duty to my lord Arawn. But how can I do this when I am filled with not only grief but anger? I cannot think clearly enough to do [what I must]."

A'narion says, "Oh, my lord Arawn, forgive me for what I am about to do. Cleric, I must beg for your help. I cannot do this, but you, you can. You are not attached to Galyndel as I am, and you can think rationally to find the murderer. Will you [lend me] your aid to find out who murdered dear Galyndel?"

Accept the quest.

A'narion says, "I am grateful for your help, Cleric. I shall see that you are well rewarded for your assistance. Let me tell you what I know of Galyndel's murder so that you can [get started]."

A'narion says, "The last communication I received from Galyndel wasn't anything out of the ordinary. She had been keeping watch over the three groups that reside in this Underground Forest, just as the Inconnu have done since the days [of Divzar]."

A'narion says, "Divzar was the first Inconnu to lead our people through these strange trees. He discovered the creatures known as the Terracites, but he left them to their vices, for he did not fear them although later he realized his mistake. Nor did he fear the Kobolds when he first encountered them in this forest, even though they had the audacity to launch arrows at Divzar! It wasn't until Divzar and his group encountered [the Shar] that they realized the danger hidden in this forest."

A'narion says, "Divzar and his group, thinking they were encountering the Kobolds again, entered a clearing. Instead of finding the small blue people, they found golden-orange people with spikes upon their heads and wrists. A fight broke out between this group, the Shar, and Divzar's Inconnu which ended with Divzar taking a severe injury. From that time on, my lord Arawn has ordered an Inconnu [to watch] those that had suddenly become our enemies."

A'narion says, "Cleric, I believe one of these three groups is responsible for Galyndel's death.

Hurrnos says, "Well met, Cleric. What might I do for you?"

Hurrnos says, "Cleric, this is quite interesting. I believe someone is trying to play [a trick] on both you and me."

Hurrnos studies the symbols upon the tattered piece of parchment.

Hurrnos says, "The symbols upon this parchment are Terracite symbols, but they were not drawn by a Terracite. When we draw and write our symbols, there are certain marks we make. Only one who has experience with our language would realize the marks are missing from this parchment. I can tell you what the person who wrote this wants you [to think]."

Hurrnos says, "They want you to think that I had a hand in the poisoning of an Inconnu named Galyndel. It speaks of this event happening three days ago, and that I was to be the one to do it. But if you speak with any of the guards, they will assure you that I have been in their care for two of your weeks now and could not have poisoned this Galyndel. I am sorry, but that is all I can [tell you] about this parchment."

Hurrnos says, "Here is the parchment back, Cleric. I wish I could help you more...wait! I just noticed there is writing on [the back] of this parchment!"

Hurrnos says, "This writing on the back is by the same person! Wait, I know you still suspect me, Cleric, so I shall let you see for yourself. Let me use some of [my magic] upon this parchment."

Hurrnos casts a spell upon the parchment then hands it to you.

Hurrnos casts a spell!

Hurrnos says, "I have cast a spell upon the parchment that translates the writing for you. Read for yourself what it says, and then believe me or not."

The Translanted Terracite Parchment reads, "Caerid - when you leave the safety of the Otherworld, seek out that Inconnu Galyndel and dispose of her. Make sure you leave this parchment there. On the other side, it names that Terracite Hurrnos as the poisoner. Wait for me in the Underground Forest, near the Otherworld. Then we shall celebrate."

Hurrnos says, "I see you believe me now, Cleric. Go seek out Caerid near the Otherworld entrance in the Underground Forest. Clear my name and prove that I did not murder Galyndel!"

Caerid says, "You shall pay for your deeds, Cleric!"

As Caerid dies, a strange laugh echoes through the area. A Kobold appears from behind a tree, smirks at you, and runs off. As he runs away, he drops something on the ground.

As you examine the second tattered piece of parchment, you realize that its edges match up exactly with the first piece of parchment. As you look closer, you recognize that the second piece contains the writing of the Kobolds. The word 'Bror' is written at the bottom of the page, as well as a drawing of the Forest, with an 'x' marked near the entrance to the Frontlines.

A'narion says, "You have been gone a long time, Cleric. I have spoken with Hurrnos while you were gone. He hopes that you can prove that he is not responsible for Galyndel's death. What have you learned while you were gone?"

A'narion says, "Ah, this is the parchment Hurrnos spoke of. Hurrnos spoke of the fake Terracite writing upon the parchment. But I see there are Kobold runes on this too. Hurrnos didn't mention them. Is that piece new? And there is a name at the bottom - Bror, did you learn anything about him?"

A'narion says, "I see you did learn something about him. But how can you be sure that he is the one that poisoned Galyndel and not this Caerid that Hurrnos spoke of? What proof do you have for me?"

A'narion says, "Cleric, I am in your debt. My lord Arawn gave me knowledge of the poison that killed dear Galyndel, and my spell has just revealed that this is the exact same poison. Hurrnos will be happy to know that his name has been cleared. I am happy too, but it is a [bittersweet joy] that fills me."

A'narion says, "You have solved the mystery of who killed Galyndel, but you have taken my vengeance from me. That is probably for the best, for I doubt I would have been a match for this Bror in my condition. Let me prove to you now that I am pleased with [your work]."

A'narion says, "My lord Arawn has sent this to me to give to you in thanks for helping put to rest the question of who killed Galyndel. May it serve you well as you continue to aid us in our fight against the evil that fills this Forest!"

4 gold
lvl 39 received 153,00,000 exp.
lvl 40 received 645,000,000 exp.
lvl 42 received 1,395,000,000 exp.
lvl 46 received 1,621,130,880 exp.
lvl 47 received 1,621,130,880 exp.
lvl 48 received 1,621,130,880 exp.
lvl 50 received 1,621,130,880 exp.

Champion level experience gained: 810

Galyndel's Bracelet of Resilient Glory -- Cleric, Cabalist, Necromancer, Minstrel and Sorcerer, Heretic

  Galyndel's Bracelet of Resilient Glory

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Champion XP
# Mar 06 2008 at 11:17 AM Rating: Good
83 posts
At 50 I received 1,621,130,880 xp, 810 champion xp, 4 gold and Galyndel's Bracelet of Resilient Glory (I am a Minstrel)
XP at Lvl 39
# Sep 02 2007 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
Done this with my Friar today, received 153,00,000 xp.
second tree is at 15k/32k
# Sep 18 2005 at 7:10 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
pls add this to the quest :)
Level 47
# Aug 30 2005 at 3:13 PM Rating: Good
Well worth doing. My level 47 recieved over 1,600,000,000 as well as an 80 mil+ guild bonus.

You'll need to go to the base of the 2nd trfee to get the glowing necklace message.
Lvl 40
# Aug 20 2005 at 6:53 AM Rating: Good
My lvl 40 tic got 645,000,000 xp, 4 gold plus some silver and the bracelet.
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