Blodfelag Brouhaha (Epic 5)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Temple of the Aesir
Start NPC:Visindakona Siv
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Related Zones:
  Svealand West
Min Level:25
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Konung Botolf Redhands
Last Updated:Wed Feb 16 16:53:46 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir.
2) Go kill Konung Botolf Redhands and his 2 Blodvakt in West Svealand in the very back of the Blodfelag Fortress.
3) Return to Visindakona Siv for your reward.

lvl 33 Warrior received 17,039,360 experience, 44 silver and a Myrmidon of Tyr Ring.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482,8029 dir=343 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir.

Visindakona Siv says, "It is good of you to return, (Your Name)! The council has resolved to eliminate Botolf Redhands and his cadre completely and we need a reliable Warrior to spearhead the assault. "

Will you slay Botolf and his Blodvakt? [Level 25]
You have been given the Blodfelag Brouhaha (Epic 5) quest.

Visindakona Siv says, "Gather a group to carry out this mission, as the Blodfelag Fortress is not to be taken lightly! When you have slain Botolf and his Blodvakt escort, return to me. The council and I are relying on you (Your Name)! Do not fail us!"

[Step #1] Assalt the Blodfelag Fortress in West Svealand and eliminate Botolf and his Blodvakt. A large party is recommended for this!
(Konung Botolf Redhands is in the very back of the Blodfelag Fortress, he has 2 Blodvakt's with him you will need to kill. If you are lvl 25-30 you may need a group to assist you.)

Konung Botolf Redhands says, "Thou shall kneel when thou comes before me swine!"

Konung Botolf Redhands says, "Blodvakt, expunge this rabble of impurities!!!"

Konung Botolf Redhands says,"Thou may have slain me, but the Blodfelag line lives ever on! Even now my scion has gathered the very purest and fiercest of our line, the Blodmallig, in out most sacred and hidden sanctum..."

Konung Botolf Redhands coughs out an arterial red spray.

Konung Botolf Redhands says,"His dedication to Blodfelag supremacy eclipses mine and and with our djavul alliance, his newfound power will sweep across Svealand like a crimson tide! Savor this small victory, for your doom is at hand!"

[Step #2] Return to Visindakona Siv to tell her Botolf's message.

Visindakona Siv says, "Is it done? Have we ended Botolf's malevolent [conspiracy]?"

Visindakona Siv says, "I knew you would return soon. It is good to see you, brave Warrior. I have something important of which [to inform you]."

Visindakona Siv says, "You say there is another Redhands? Botolf has hidden him well, for he has evaded even our extensive insight. Did you [discover anything else]?"

Visindakona Siv says, "Very curious! The term djavul is a mystery to me. I will bring this to the council's attention, but first we must determine where this Blodfelag sanctum lies. Your service has been invaluable, (Your Name)! Please take this gift and remain heedful, I will have need of you again soon."

You are awarded 17,039,360 experience!
You are awarded 44 silver and some copper!
You receive the Myrmidon of Tyr Ring from Visindakona Siv!
You have completed the Blodfelag Brouhaha (Epic 5) quest!

lvl 33 received 17,039,360 experience.

Myrmidon of Tyr Ring -- Warrior
Ursine Mauler Ring -- Berserker
Skadi's Pathfinder Ring -- Hunter
Defender of Kelgor Ring -- Savage
Aggressor Ring -- Mauler

  Skadi's Pathfinder Ring
  Ursine Mauler Ring
  Myrmidon of Tyr Ring
  Defender of Kelgor Ring
  Aggressor Ring

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