Bad Moon Rising  

Start Zone: Constantine's Sound
Start Location:New Avalon
Start NPC:George the Foreman
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  Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...
Min Level:7
Max Level:10
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Last Updated:Sun May 8 03:06:47 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with George the Foreman in New Avalon, loc=7867,16734 Constantine's Sound.

It's good to see you, (Your Class), we must speak!

We have new information on the bandits that I need you to investigate. Nadja was spying on the bandits a few nights ago and she saw one of them leave their camp and travel to a pond not far away.

According to Nadja, the bandit threw something into the pond and a strange ice creature rose out of the pond... The creature handed him something and then melted away.

I know this seems impossible, but I trust Nadja implicitly. Nadja says they do this almost every night so I want you to find a way to intercept this delivery and bring what you find to me.

I'm not sure how you will want to handle this, but we know that the bandits only summon the creature at night!

Summary: Spy on the pond near the bandit camp. Find a way to intercept whatever the bandits are receiving from the ice creature and return it to George in New Avalon. The summoning typically occurs at night.

Quest Goal: Intercept the bandit's delivery.
(Note the bandit (a lvl 6 bandit mercenary) spawned with the Ice Emissary (lvl9) near loc=15088,11077 Constantine's Sound around 21h 20m game time)
Quest Goal: Return the message to George in New Avalon.

Hmm... It's a message that is basically scolding the bandits for failing to take the supply shipment you defended. Heh.

The most important information is the signature... someone named Colivus.

Good work (Your Name)! Here is your reward.

2 silver 86 copper
Strategist's Ring of Might
Strategist's Ring of Magic

lvl 7 received 2,640 experience.

  Strategist's Ring of Might
  Strategist's Ring of Magic


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