Way of the Grove -- Learning the Paths  

Start Zone: Domnann
Start NPC:Miach
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Min Level:4
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Fri Dec 6 23:14:41 2002
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Miach says, "Soon will come the time when you must choose between life as an animist, and life as a valwalker. It is already your destiny to walk the [Path of Affinity]."

Miach says, "Yes, it has always been our way, to start out as the Way of the Grove, and then follow the Path of Affinity, when we are ready. You do have a choice in your path, however."

Dialog box: Will you go and meet the trainers to learn of the different paths?

You have been given the Learning the Paths quest.

Miach says, "Ah, then talk with Faolan, first, to learn about life as an Animist."

[Step #2] Talk to Faolan about the Path of Affinity and life as an Animist.

Faolan says, "Ah, I imagine you're here to learn about the Path of Affinity and life as an [Animist]."

Faolan says, "Animists have an affinity with plants. We can animate plants, and use the magic of nature and the plant life nature produces when needed. There was a time when most of the magic we used was for simply shaping our homes and becoming closer to nature. Now, though, it seems we use our magic and our affinity with plants to defend. I know that the Druids and Wardens and Bards feel a desire to protect nature. As animists, we believe we should be nature. It is a hard thing to achieve, but it is what we believe. Now, speak to Oriara. She can tell you about life as a valewalker."

[Step #3] Speak to Oriara about life as a Valewalker.

Oriara says, "Ah, you are here to learn about life as a [Valewalker] are you not?"

Oriana says, "Valewalkers follow the Path of Affinity. The Path of Affinity is dear to Sylvan, though Firbolgs and Celts are more than welcome to follow it. The Path of Affinity believes that nature is perfection, and balance, and correct. The closer one is to nature, the closer one us to the way things should be. To become nature, that is our goal, for once we are a part of nature, then we have achieved true meaning. As Valewalkers, we use the magic of nature and our strength to fight for our land. Think of your choices, and choose wisely."

You are awarded 176 experience!
You are awarded 3 silver and some copper!
You have finished the Learning of the Paths quest.

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