Aidon the Archwizard  

Realm: All
Type: Humanoid
Purple at level 50, very very hard. It was tough fight for 2 full groups .

He makes four clones of himself when agro'd. So if he gets aggro'd, five of him must be dealt with.They mirror images are all the same hp and damage as him, if you don't mez them will nuke the heck out of you. They casts bladeturn and damage shield, nukes that seemed to be comparable to the power behind Golestandt's breath

The best thing to do is stay on the original and try and keep the rest mezzed, attacking them is a waste as he will just do it again. This makes for a extremely tough fight as he does BIG damage with his nukes.

He guards the way to the lower section so if you wanna get to the summoner hall ya gotta get past him.

There is a possibility of getthing past him without agro if you hug the left or the right wall of the room Aidon is in.
Minimum Level: 65
Maximum Level: 70
Known Habitats:
   Summoner's Hall
Known Loot:
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