Death Servant  

Classes: Necromancer
Caster transforms into a shade, and summons a minion to act through.
Name Level Target Cast Time
Call Minor Zombie Servant 1Self 20
Call Lesser Zombie Servant 4Self 20
Call Zombie Servant 7Self 20
Call Reanimated Servant 12Self 20
Call Necroservant 20Self 20
Call Greater Necroservant 32Self 20
Call Abomination 45Self 20
Causes the target to regain health during the spell's duration.
Name Level Target Power Cast Time
Regenerate Flesh 2Self 2 3
Regenerate Blood 5Self 4 3
Flesh of the Living 10Self 6 3
Regenerate Muscle 17Self 10 3
Incorporate the Living 25Self 15 3
Regenerate Body 33Self 21 3
Dead Flesh Living 40Self 25 3
Imbue the Abyss 50Self 33 3
Increases target's Str.
Name Level Target Power Cast Time
Strength of the Dead 3Self 2 3
Tenacity of the Dead 6Self 3 3
Fortitude of the Dead 11Self 5 3
Brawn of the Dead 16Self 8 3
Vigor of the Dead 23Self 12 3
Fervor of the Dead 31Self 15 3
Might of the Dead 41Self 20 3
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