Staff of Slivers  

Slot:Two Hand
Weapon Skill:Staff
(Animist, Bainshee, Bard, Blademaster, Champion, Druid, Eldritch, Enchanter, Hero, Mauler (Hib), Mentalist, Nightshade, Ranger, The Way of Arms, The Way of Magic, The Way of Nature, The Way of Stealth, The Way of the Grove, Valewalker, Vampiir, Warden)
Damage Type:Crush
Magical Bonuses:
  Dexterity: 3 pts
  Intelligence: 3 pts
  Arborial Path: +2 lvls
Focus Bonuses:
  Arborial Path: +40 lvls
Damage Modifiers:
  Base DPS: 11.70
  Quality: 95%
  Condition: 100%
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:30%
Weight:4.00 lbs
Bonus Level:7

Levels of Use:35 - 40
Last Updated: Feb 25 03:46:42 2009
Submitted by: Galadhon

This item is dropped off monsters

Found in:
Picture for Staff of Slivers

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