SW:TOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Review

When Bioware released Star Wars: The Old Republic back in 2011, fans of the game praised it for having a stronger focus on story than other MMOs. From class-specific storylines to Companions with their own story quests, SW:TOR had a great launch with numerous high review scores. Unfortunately, once you reached the end of that story, it became a standard hotkey MMO. Many of the players who finished their class stories ended up quitting.

SW:TOR has tried many things to fix this problem. They went Free To Play in 2012 and have released several expansions which added new features to the game: space-based PvP, player housing and guild flagships, new planets, as well as various new small-group Flashpoints and large-group Operations.

But none of these expansions quite captured the original game’s focus on an epic storyline. Bioware hopes to fix that with their newest expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Bioware claims that KotFE will have a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling and bring with it new worlds, new companions, and a storyline that will be affected by decisions you make along the way. So the question now is: did they pull it off?

E3 2015 Recap - EA

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Today's second media briefing (2 of 4) was from EA. We've got the details you're looking for, so let's dive in!

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