Site Update #1

Site Update: Terror of Luclin spells are available for lookup now

Another year gone folks. I hope you're all safe and feeling good. I look forward to 2022 and I hope everything goes well for you all in 2022.

Nearly a month has passed since the Terror of Luclin expansion kicked off on the live servers. I want to say thanks to those who helped with entering in Terror of Luclin info. Drewinette entered in a bunch of quests, drops, npc info, recipes and more! Thank you for all the help over the years Drew! Grizabelle helped me entered in a ton of recipe info and supplied quest info, thank you! Cylius helped supply us with npc info, drops and entered in quest info as well, thank you! SwiftyMuse was busy during ToL beta getting a majority of the items uploaded for the expansion, thank you! And thanks to all of you who have posted on the site with info for the expansion, this site wouldn't be here without you ladies and gents.

And now onto the plans for 2022. We have plenty of plans up ahead. We just recently upgraded the site off the old backend it was running on and now are on up to date technology. So we're starting off this year on good grounding. I have plenty of plans to fix a bunch of things and add new features this year. I've already been busy working on spells and plan to get those updated soon for the the Terror of Luclin spells, sorry for not having those ready at expansion launch. We had some pretty major issues with just how spells are updated with how large the database tables have grown over the years, so updating spells on the production servers isn't possible in its current state. So a new system needs to be developed for it. I have been busy working on a solution for the time being to get them updated but will be busy working on the whole spell platform until a better system is in place.

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Site Update #12

We've been busy working on the upcoming Terror of Luclin expansion folks!

We've got plenty of info to share. You can already see what we have by using your favorite searching tools for anything Terror of Luclin related.

We'll open the wiki for ToL on the day of the launch for December 7th which is not far away!

We'll still be busy entering in info even after the expansion has launched so stay tuned!


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EQ Update #9

We have plenty of updates for the month of August.

  • Hotzone augs and the npcs that drop them should now show the correct expansion tag
  • Fixed Seeds of Destruction Hunter acheivements and linked all of them together
  • Set all Overseer NPC entries to have a Seeds of Destruction expansion tag
  • And many more updates, click Read More below to see all the updates

I've started developing on the site again so stay tuned for more features and fixes for the site in the future.


EQ Update #6

Many updates throughout the month folks. Our wonderful content admins have been busy updating from feedback on everything so if you think we have something that needs updated, please post on the page for it. Keep them coming!

We've also been entering in the new hunter acheivements. So far we have GoD through PoR. We'll get the rest added with time.

Make sure to stop by our Discord server to see live updates from myself and others if ya haven't already. You can give updates there or talk about whatever regarding the game and site.

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EQ Update #4

Plenty of updates for the month of March.

  • Some Hero's Forge Ornament achievements were created.
  • Plenty of spell recipes were created.
  • Some Shar Vahl armor quests were updated along with the recipes for them.
  • Added a missing Teir`Dal Heritage Crate achievement and attach the items to it.
  • Adjusted the zone pages top text descriptions to align to the left instead of centering.
  • Added Sinister ornaments as rewards of the Mechagnomic Whirlrender raid.
  • Many more updates can be found by clicking on Read More...

EQ Update #3

Here are the updates for the past month.


  • 2021 Events have been added to the Event Calendar.
  • Some missing npcs were added to Lichen Creep
  • The advanced item search now includes slot 22 on the augmentation type drop down
  • Corrected some spelling mistakes on CoV currency listings and also added item links to other previous expansions currencies so the currency item itself will list out which vendors sell items that use that currency
  • Item pages that show SPA spell info will show SPA slots all the way to 41
  • Claws of Veeshan spell procs should be filtered off the class spell search
  • Epic 1.0 quest changes that went in the Feb EQ update should mostly be all done, let me know if something hasn't been changed yet
  • The advanced NPC search now has the ability to search by Hotzone and by Expansion. Also the Order By dropdown was changed slighty to allow to search by Zone Name instead of Zone Id
  • We have been getting reports of low level quests from several NPC's in Commonlands and other zones that I believe originated in Omens of War. I have added some but they are only for certain levels so getting them is tricky unless you have the right level character
  • I have identified LoN Prize items that aren't linked to their converted items. We'll get those updated over time.
  • Some armor vanity achievements were created, mainly plate, will get the other armor types created soon
  • Caverns of Exile zone drops were tagged as PoP, many weren't even tagged. Let me know if this zone opens at another expansion on progression servers
  • Many other updates were made by our fantastic content admins, to read all of the updates click on the Read More link at the bottom

EQ Update #13

Plenty of updates for October and the first part of November.

I've been busy myself entering information in for the upcoming Claws of Veeshan expansion. Information is coming along at a good pace and we should have plenty of info for everyone at launch.

For now enjoy this new updated model of Yelinak!

Lord Yelinak - Claws of Veeshan


EQ Update #12

We're still here and plugging away at updates.

We'll be gearing up for the next expansion so stay tuned whenever beta drops.

Until then, enjoy all the updates for the past month + a few days by clicking on Read More...

EQ Update #9 & Holiday Bonuses!

Site News

Plenty of updates for the past month.

If you haven't noticed, the old account purge happened. This only affect folks who haven't logged since 7 years ago.

Here are some of the update highlights:

  • South Qeynos NPC's were updated with their levels, titles, meta titles some vendor items were updated. Some South Qeynos quests were also updated.
  • Some Hardcore Heritage armor was correctly tagged for which expansion they were released in.
  • Human Heritage Crate items and achievements were added along with the updated item collector. 
  • We're still working on a bug with character profiles not uploading with the item collector.
  • ToV tier 1 Snowbound armor recipes were added to the armor wiki page.
  • ToV Velium Enchanced weapon recipes were created and other various items from ToV had their recipes created as well.
  • Item icons were updated for all the newer items coming in with missing icons.
  • New marketplace items were uploaded and tagged.
  • Some updates to the ToV Earring quests were done.
  • Hero's Forge Consolidator was added to the loyality vendor.
  • Set expansion tags on NPC's that were previously missed and corrected expansion tags on some zones.
  • Added some illusion items from various crates to the Legendary Enchanter Illusions quest along with their spell scrolls.
  • We hit 10,000 quest entries!
  • And many more updates were made by our great content admins. Check out the rest of the updates by clicking on Read More... at the bottom of this article.



Game News


Summer Spectacular!

Summer is here, the days are long, and that means it's time to celebrate. Start your July off right with in-game bonuses! Things begin July 1, 2020:

Bonus Rewards!
All XP, faction, and rare spawns will be increased by 76%.

The Summer Spectacular begins at 12 AM PT (Midnight) on July 1, 2020, and ends at 11 PM PT on July 8, 2020.



EQ Update #8 and New TLP Servers Launch Today!

Plenty of content updates to the site since the first of the month. Check out the updates by clicking on Read More.... below.

Also Aradune and Rizlona TLP servers launch today at 12PM PDT. Visit our progression wiki pages for each server to see information on them.