Jashan's Brother  

Submitted by:Yavae
Start Zone: Arbor Glen
Start NPC:Jashan
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Green Glades
Min Level:48
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Centaur Healer
  Centaur Naturalist
  Marble Caretaker
Last Updated:Fri Apr 22 00:30:07 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Walktrough by Shivver MeTimbers:

Speak to Jashan in Hypo Aerus (loc=43k, 15k).

He asks you to kill a marble caretaker and a Centaur healer. Marble caretakers can be found around 10k, 40k and healers can be found at 20k 40k, both in Green Glades. The next few mobs you need to kill can all be found at the village at 20k 40k.

The patrons and barkeep can be found inside the main building in the village (the one with the forge and smiths outside). Tricky to pull, but if you approach from the west side of the village you can go behind the hut and agro them through the wall. Expect 4 - 5 oj/red mobs doing this and if extremely unlucky, the chief, who calls for help and the whole village come running!

Next up was a Centaur naturalist who can also be found in this village and then a cobra guardian venom, which can be found at 60k 25k in Green Glades..

Next up you need to kill a named Cyclops called Sidor. Head back west from the Cobra guardians and down the hill to around 37k, 22k, where we found Sidor on a few occasions. He wanders around the ridge area, but not that far. Red to a 50, not that hard.

Read the scroll that you get from Sidor , the dead tree described is in Arbor Glen at 10k 7k (a greenish sort of tree that is leaning over at an angle) You�ll know you are in the right spot when you get the "smell of stale ale" message or something like that.

Note: This step can be done by everyone in the group at the same time and you all complete the quest, but you must all do it at the same time and before the mobs run for the tree.

For the finale, you need to stand next to the tree and type /hide, wait for the action to complete then you will get the message to run west, do so and you will see a circle of Cyclops' facing the tree. After 30 secs or so the Cyclops' will run for the poisoned ale you have hidden at the tree and 1 of them will drink it and die, while they are all at the tree run over to Kalchas who is now unguarded and give him the potion you have. He will ask you to wait with him as he cannot defend himself. After a few seconds the remaining Cyclops' will come running back which will cause Kalchas to run off, defeat the remaining Cyclops' to complete the quest.

Return to Jashan and receive your reward.

  • Leafy-Moss Hauberk (Mid)-- Shaman, Healer
  • Leafy-Moss Gauntlets (Mid) -- Shaman, Healer
  • Tree-Moss Hauberk (Alb) -- Mercenary
  • Tree-Moss Gauntlets (Alb) -- Mercenary
  • Tree-Moss Gauntlets -- Thane, Warrior
  • Tree-Moss Hauberk (Hib) (scale) -- Hero, Champion and Warden
  • Tree-Moss Gauntlets (Hib)(scale)-- Hero, Champion and Warden
  • Cloud-Touched Chestpiece -- Paladin, Armsmen
  • Cloud-Touched Gauntlets -- Paladin, Armsmen
  • Storm Cloud Gloves -- Cabalist, Necromancer, Enchanter, Mentalist
  • Storm Cloud Robe -- Cabalist, Necromancer, Enchanter, Mentalist
  • Mist-wrapped Robe -- Friar
  • Mist-wrapped Gloves -- Friar
  • Tree Bark Covered Jerkin -- Infiltrator
  • Tree Bark Covered Gloves -- Infiltrator
  • Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Mid)-- Shadowblade
  • Tree Bark Covered Gloves (Mid)-- Shadowblade
  • Tree Bark Covered Gloves (Hib)-- Nightshade
  • Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Hib)-- Nightshade
  • Earth-Covered Vest -- Ranger
  • Earth-Covered Gauntlets -- Ranger
  • Earth-Studded Vest -- Bard
  • Earth-Enshrouded Gauntlets -- Bard
  • Mist-wrapped Tunic -- Valewalker
  • Mist-wrapped Gloves (Hib) -- Valewalker
  • Leafy-Moss Hauberk (Hib) -- Druid
  • Leafy-Moss Gauntlets )Hib) -- Druid
  • Leafy-Moss Hauberk (Alb)-- Cleric
  • Leafy-Moss Gauntlets (Alb) -- Cleric
  • Earth-Studded Vest (Mid) -- Savage
  • Earth-Studded Gauntlets (Mid) -- Savage
  • Earth-Studded Vest (Alb)-- Scout
  • Storm Cloud Tunic(Mid) -- Runemaster, Spiritmaster, Bonedancer

  • Rewards:
      Leafy-Moss Gauntlets (Alb)
      Tree-moss Gauntlets (Mid)
      Tree-Moss Hauberk (Alb)
      Leafy-Moss Hauberk (Mid)
      Tree-Moss Hauberk (Hib) (scale)
      Cloud-Touched Chestpiece
      Cloud-Touched Gauntlets
      Storm Cloud Gloves
      Storm Cloud Robe (Alb)
      Mist-wrapped Robe
      Mist-wrapped Gloves (Alb)
      Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Alb)
      Tree Bark Covered Gloves (Alb)
      Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Mid)
      Tree Bark Covered Gloves (Mid)
      Earth-Covered Vest
      Earth-Covered Gauntlets
      Earth-Studded Vest (Hib)
      Earth-Enshrouded Gauntlets
      Mist-wrapped Tunic
      Mist-wrapped Gloves (Hib)
      Tree-Moss Hauberk (Mid)
      Leafy-Moss Gauntlets (Mid)
      Leafy-Moss Hauberk (Hib)
      Leafy-moss Hauberk (Alb)
      Earth-Studded Vest (Mid)
      Earth-Studded Gauntlets (Mid)
      Tree-Moss Gauntlets (Hib)
      Leafy-Moss Gauntlets (Hib)
      Tree Bark Covered Gloves (Hib)
      Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Hib)
      Storm Cloud Robe (Hib)
      Storm Cloud Tunic (Mid)
      Earth-Studded Vest (Alb)
      Tree-Moss Gauntlets (Alb)
      Tree Bark Covered Phantom Jerkin
      Earth-Studded Gauntlets (Alb)
      Earth-Studded Gauntlets (Hib)

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    Wow.. Albs... u suck.. lol
    # Jun 28 2005 at 1:55 PM Rating: Default
    Ok.. I'm sorry.. but u know.. a full grp got wiped? geez... just to let you know. Me and a friend duo'd it. A Aug/Mend Shaman, and a Warlock. WE RULE! got the gauntlets AND the hauberk.. GO MIDGARD!
    Infiltrator Reward
    # Nov 12 2003 at 3:19 PM Rating: Good
    Following the instrucitons above, we completed the quest in 3 hours with 2 complete wipeouts. Initially, we were 1 pally (50), 1 cleric (50 full enhance), 1 fire wizard (50), 1 infiltrator (48), 1 sorcerer (50) and 1 earth wizard (48). We got beat down hard at the last step by the giants. We regrouped and got 2 more clerics (after dropping the enh cleric from the group since she was a bot) and another armsman. Upon arriving at the last site again, we found a full group FARMING the giants. As they left, there were 3 up only. As we were hiding the beer, one more popped making a total of 4. Three of these died from the beer and we only had to kill one.

    It is advisable that on the last step, get a person OUT OF GROUP to single pull a few of the giants and kill them off WHILE someone is hiding the beer. That way, you cut down on your surviving giants making for an easy end.

    The above items do not list the infiltrator armor, so i will post the stats here:

    Tree Bark Covered Jerkin
    Dual Wield: 4pts
    Body 7%
    Dex 9pts
    Hits 24pts
    Bonus to mellee damage 6%
    - requirement vs giants
    AF 100

    Tree Bark Covered Gloves
    Critical Strike 4pts
    Quickness 9pts
    Bonus to mellee combat speed 6%
    BOnus to HP cap 24
    Bonus to style damage 6%
    - requiremen vs. giants
    AF 100

    I would post a picture, but there is nothing to post it to.
    # Nov 06 2003 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
    theres alot more steps to the quest than this.
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