Marauding Bandit (Mid)  

Start Zone: Stygian Delta
Start Location:Haven of Stygia
Start NPC:Hunter Relion
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:46
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
  Antonius Cayne
  Chief Daewyn
  Setian Bandit
  Sobekite Marauder
Last Updated:Sat Mar 28 19:16:33 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.68:
- Marauding Bandits - Berserkers may now choose a one- or two- handed sword as part of their reward choices.

1)Speak to the NPC Hunter Relion(in Stygian Delta's Haven of Stygia.

He will ask you to find the Sobekite Marauder camp (loc=43k 31k) on the north shore of the Haven. You will know your in the right place when you see the enter marauders camp message.

2. Locate the Marauder Camp, it is full of Sobekite Fleshrenders (easy orange to lvl 47). Do /SEARCH (you'll only be allowed to do this in the right place and then the Search Timer comes up) until the Broken Crate appears in your inventory. As soon as this happens the grape Marauder will spawn. Kill it and return to Relion

3. Locate the Setian Bandit camp at 3k, 22k - "Region: You have entered Setian Bandit camp" - /SEARCH the area until you receive the Golden Statuette.

4. Defeat the Setian Bandit he pops red to 50. Return the Golden Statuette to Hunter Relion.

5)Deliver the letter to Antonius Cayne at the Stygian docks then return to Hunter Relion and tell him his cargo is assured

[safe passage].

Reward from Hunter Relion at level 50 was 158,934,400 exp and 50 gold.
Item: Silver and Coral Ring.

6. Chief Daewyn asks to speak with you, he is a guard near the center of town. He accuses you of assisting Hunter Relion in plundering the Sobekite and Setian religious artifacts. You must convince him you are [innocent]. Finally, give him the Silver and Coral ring you received as reward from Hunter Relion to clear your name.

Chief Daewyn will either give you the reward directly or give you a token to give to the smith Reetta if you have more than one weapon type to choose from.

Note:Battlegroup appears not to work for this quest, solo or group is best.

lvl 46 received 132,494,730 exp.

  Silver and Coral Ring
  Sand-Edged Troll Axe
  Shamantic Sand Sap
  Sand-edged Moon Claw
  Sand-edged Great Sword (Mid)
  Sand-edged Hammer (Mid)
  Sand-edged Stout Bow (Mid)
  Sand-edged Handaxe
  Bondancers Staff of Sand
  Runemasters Staff of Sand
  Spiritmasters Staff of Sand
  Healing Sand Sap
  Sand-edged Claw Greave
  Sand-edged Broad Sword (Mid)
  Warlocks Staff of Sand
  Sand-edged Spear
  Sand-edged Fist Wrap
  Sand-edged Hand Wrap
  Sand-edged Mauler Staff

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location of the sobekite camp
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The Marauding camp is at 43k 31k

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