Important Delivery (Hib)  

Start Zone: Lough Derg
Start Location:Mag Mell
Start NPC:Addrir
Avg. Time:10 minutes
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Related Zones:
Min Level:1
Max Level:1
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Crate of Vegetables
  New Recruit Journal
  Sack of Supplies
  Ticket to Tir na mBeo
  Ticket to Ardee
Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 00:34:08 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Travel to loc=26955,7789 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.
2) Give Rumdor, at loc=27643,8423 Lough Derg, the ticket to Tir na mBeo from Addrir.
3) Give Aethic, at loc=23761,45658 Lough Derg, the Aethic the Sack of Supplies from Addrir.
4) Give Truichon, at loc=23949,43498 Lough Derg, the ticket to Ardee from Aethic.
5) Give Freagus, at loc=54195,51453 Connacht, the Crate of Vegetables from Aethic.
6) Talk to Freagus for your reward.

lvl 1 way of arms received 10 experience and Recruit's Cloak.

Dialog for Quest:
Travel to loc=26955,7789,5196 dir=22 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.

Addrir says, "Greetings my young recruit. I am Addrir and I am here to help you find your way around this vast realm. In the process, you will be able to earn weapons, armor, coin and even some levels. I will start your training by asking you a simple [question]."

Addrir says, "I will ask you whether or not you want to continue with your training. A dialog box will pop-up. All you need to do is either press Accept or Decline. Are you ready to [continue your training]?"

Are you ready to begin your training? [Level 1]
You have been given the Important Delivery quest.

[Step #1] Listen to Addrir as he describes the mission to you. If he stops speaking with you, ask him what he can give you to [expedite] your training.

Addrir says, "Congratulations! You are now one step closer to understanding the world of Camelot! During this phase of your training, I will be sending you to different parts of the realm to deliver much needed supplies to various citizens. You will need to check your QUEST JOURNAL from time to time to see what you need to accomplish next on your quest. You can access the quest journal from the COMMAND button on your [character sheet]."

Addrir says, "Your character sheet houses all of your character's information, such as attributes, weapon skill, base class and profession. If at any time you want to see your character's statistics, press the far left icon on the menu bar (it looks like a person with circle around them) for more [information]."

Addrir says, "I know this all seems a little overwhelming, but I have a special item here that will make this transition a smooth one. Please, take this [journal]."

[Step #2] Listen to Addrir as he expalins your journal. If he stops speaking with you, ask him how the journal will help to [expedite] the tasks you will be doing.

Addrir says, "This journal will help you from time to time while you are doing various tasks for me. I like to call it a smart journal. It was made by one of the eldritches for new recruits like you. It will help to [expedite] your training."

You receive a New Recruit Journal from Addrir!
You have just been given a New Recruit Journal. This will help guide you through your early levels. It has been automatically placed in your backpack.

Addrir says, "Now that I've given you a small introduction to the world of Hibernia, let's get started with your first task. I need for you to deliver this package of supplies to Aethic in Tir na mBeo. Don't worry, I have a special [horse ticket] for you."

Addrir says, "All you need to do is take this horse ticket to Rumdor here in Mag Mell, by the horse cart. Hand him the ticket and you'll be on your way to Tir na mBeo. Be swift my young recruit. Time is of the essence."

You receive a ticket to Tir na mBeo from Addrir!
You receive a Sack of Supplies from Addrir!

[Step #3] Make your way southeast from Addrir. Find Stable Master Rumdor and hand him your ticket.
  • Stable Master Rumdor (just Rumdor in game) is at loc=27643,8423,5223 dir=141 Lough Derg.

  • Pop-up box states: "You have entered Rumdor's Stable. To hand him the horse ticket, open your inventory and LEFT CLICK on the ticket with your cursor. Hand the ticket to Rumdor to begin the transaction.

    Rumdor says, "Good day, Lirone. If you are interested in renting a horse, purchase a ticket, then hand it to me. Have a safe trip!"

    [Step #4] Give you Sack of Supplies to Aethic in Tir na mBeo. You can do this the same way you handed Rumdor your ticket.
  • Aethic can be found at loc=23761,45658,5448 dir=320 Lough Derg. There you will get a pop-up box that says: "You must now give Aethic the Sack of Supplies. To give him the supplies left click on the supplies to grab them with your cursor, then hand them to Aethic.

  • Aethic says, "Ah! The supplies I have been waiting for. Thank you Lirone. These will help us tremendously in the coming weeks. I have another [errand] if you are up for it."

    You are awarded 7 experience!

    [Step #5] Listen to what Aethic has to say.

    Aethic says, "I need for you to deliver this crate of vegetables to Freagus in Ardee. I'm sure you can do the job. Take this horse ticket and give it to Stable Master Truichon. Hurry now, before the vegetables rot."

    You receive a ticket to Ardee from Aethic!
    You receive a Crate of Vegetables from Aethic!
    You are awarded 7 experience!

    [Step #6] Take the ticket Aethic gave you to Stable Master Truichon north-northwest of the building with the red-door. Hand him the ticket the same way you handed Aethic the supplies.
  • Truichon is at loc=23949,43498,5448 dir=2 Lough Derg.

  • [Step #7] Hand Stable Master Freagus the Crate of Vegetables.
  • Freagus is at loc=54195,51453,5200 dir=353 Connacht. Hand Freagus the Crateof Vegetables.

  • Freagus says, "Ah! These must be from Aethic in Tir na mBeo. I have been waiting a while for a good crop to come in. My family, horses and I will be eating well for a while. My thanks to you Lirone. Here, let me see if I have a [reward] for your hard work."

    [Step #8] Listen to Stable Master Freagus some more. If he stops speaking with you, ask him if he has a [reward] for your hard work and service to Hibernia.

    Freagus says, "It's a little tattered, but it will keep you warm in the cold months. Thank you again Lirone."

    You receive a Recruit's Cloak from Freagus!
    You are awarded 10 experience!

    Freagus says, "Dont' go far friend. I have yet another errand that needs tending to."
    You have finished the Important Delivery quest.

  • Recruit's Cloak -- Way of Arms
  • Reward:
      Recruit's Cloak (Hib) (old) (nld)


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