City of Tir na Nog  

Start Zone: Connacht
Start Location:Ardee
Start NPC:Freagus
Avg. Time:8 minutes
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Related Zones:
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Min Level:1
Max Level:1
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Bhreagar Hylvian
Related Items:
  Small Chest of Coins
  Ticket to Ardee
  Assistant Necklace (Hib)
  Scroll for Addrir
  Scroll for Bhreagar
  Ticket to Mag Mell
  Ticket to Tir na Nog
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

This quest is currently disabled on the US servers.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Freagus at loc=54195,51453 Connacht.
2) Give Fragus the ticket to Tir na Nog.
3) Zone into Tir Na Nog and /USE the Assistant Necklace from Freagus at the east gate.
4) Talk with the Tir Na Nog that appeared from using the necklace. Click on [vault keeper] option when it is given.
5) Hand Bhreagar Hylvian the Scroll for Bhreagar from Freagus and then the Small Chest of Coins.
6) Click on the Tir Na Nog Assistant to teleport back to the east gate.
7) Purchase a Ticket to Ardee from Gweonry, loc=16334,3384 Lough Derg.
8) Go back to Freagus and hand him the Sealed Scroll for Freagus from Bhreagar Hylvian
9) Give Freagus the Ticket to Mag Mell
10) Give Addrir the Scroll for Addrir from Freagus, chat with him a bit more for your reward.

lvl 1 way of arms received 33 experience, 2 silver and Recruit's Round Shield.

Dialog for Quest:
Speak with Freagus is at loc=54195,51453,5200 dir=353 Connacht

Freagus says, "Lirone, I am in need of some assistance. You see, I need to get this small chest of coins over to the vault keeper in Tir na Nog, but I never seem to have the [time] to do so."

Freagus says, "By the time I close my stable down for the evening, the vault keeper has already gone home. You have already helped me once Lirone, will you help me [again]?"

Will you travel to Tir na Nog for Freagus? [Level 1]
You have been given the City of Tir na Nog quest.

Freagus says, "Ah! Wonderful. I have several things for you for your trip into [Tir na Nog]."

You are awarded 7 experience!

[Step #1] Wait for Freagus to give you the coins. If he stops speaking with you, try to interact with him again.

Freagus says, "First is a note for the vault keeper. Second is the chest of coins and third is a special necklace made by my [wife]."

You receive a ticket to Tir na Nog from Freagus!
You receive a Assistant Necklace from Freagus!
You receive a Small Chest of Coins from Freagus!
You receive a Scroll for Bhreagar from Freagus!
You are awarded 7 experience!

Freagus says, "She is an enchanter, but is currently away from Ardee right now. If she was here, I wouldn't need you to take my money to the vault keeper for me! Hehe! Anyhow, this necklace has been imbued with special powers to help you in the [city]."

Freagus says, "Take the horse to Tir na Nog, then, once you enter, USE the necklace. Don't worry, I'm sure your journal there will help you out. Come back after you've visited the vault keeper."

[Step #2] Freagus has given you a Chest of Coins he wants delivered to the Vault Keeper. Make your way inside the gates of Tir na Nog. When you are at the East Gate, USE the necklace you were given. Take the hourse to Tir na Nog.
  • Hand Freagus the ticket to Tir na Nog, the horse will deposit you right out side the cities openeing. Run down the tunnel and zone. Once zone's proceed to run to the gates. When you reach the gates of Tir na Nog you will get a message of "You have entered the East Gates. USE you necklace now. In order to USE an item, you must right click on the item and type /use."

  • [Step #3] USE your necklace now. To use an item right click on the item and type /use.

    [Step #4] You have successfully USED the necklace. Speak with the Tir na Nog Assistant for further instructions.

    The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "Greetings to you. I am here to assist you on your journey through Tir na Nog. Please listen [carefully] to my instructions."

    The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "I have a limited time duration. I will only be around for half a day (15 real life minutes), so please use me wisely. I can teleport you to various [trainers] within Tir na Nog."

    The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "I know that you have been given the task of delivering Freagus's coins to the vault keeper. I can teleport you there are well. All you need to do is make a [choice]."

    The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "Where would you like to go to? The [champion] trainer; the [hero] trainer; the [blademaster] trainer, or to the [vault keeper]?"

    [Step #5] Chose the destination you wish to know more about. If you do not need the Assistant, tell him to [go away] If you go straight to the Vault Keeper, be sure to hand him the scroll from Freagus.
  • If you click on one of the Assistants options you will be teleported to that NPC, and the Assistant will port with you so you can use him again. Very handy. Click the "Vault Keeper' option to proceed with the quest.

  • The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "As you wish."
    You have entered Alainn Cuir.
    You have left the East Gate.

    [ Step #6] Speak with Vault Keeper Bhreagar. Be sure to hand him the scroll from Freagus.
  • In case you do not wish to use the Tir Na Nog Assistant, you can find Bhreagar Hylvian at loc=25025,23050,8000 dir=320 Tir na Nog (Alainn Cuir).

  • Bhreagar Hylvian says, "Greetings to you my young adventurer. How may I help you today?"

    Bhreagar Hylvian says, "Ah, from Freagus. He wishes to make a deposit. Alright then, if you will, please hand me the Small Chest of Coins."

    [Step #7] Hand the Small Chest of Coins over to Vault Keeper Bhreagar.

    Bhreagar Hylvian says, "This chest is quite heavy. Business must be booming for Freagus. Now, if you will just wait but a moment, I will be sure to get a receipt for you to take back to him."

    Bhreagar begins to count the coins. When he is done, he pulls out a piece of parchment and writes a few things down. He then seals it with his personal seal.

    [Step #8] Wait for the Vault Keeper to finish counting the coins. If he stops speaking with you, ask him if he is [done] counting the coins.

    Bhreagar Hylvian says, "Ah, I am now [done]."

    Bhreagar Hylvian says, "Here you are my friend. Please be sure to take this receipt back to Freagus for me. Be safe, and if you need to deposit some items, be sure to come back to me. If you wish to return to Ardee faster, visit with Gweonry outside of the Tir na Nog east gates. He will have a horse ticket ready for you."

    You receive a Sealed Scroll for Freagus from Bhreagar Hylvian!

    [Step #9] If the Tir na Nog Assistant is still with you, ask him to teleport you to either the [east gates] or the [north gates].
  • The Tir na Nog Assistant actually does not offer you these two options, just the east gate option. Which is what you want anyway so you can zone out of Tir na Nog and speak with Gweonry for the horse ticket back to Freanus.

  • The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "Would you like to return to the [east gates] now?"

    The Tir na Nog Assistant says, "As you wish."
    You have left Alainn Cuir.
    You have entered the East Gate.

    [Step #10] Find Stable Master Gweonry outside Tir na Nog. Take the horse back to Ardee. Be sure to give Freagus the sealed scroll from Bhreagar.
  • The Tir na Nog assistant will teleport you back to the east gates where you began. Run down the tunnel and zone out of Tir na Nog. YOu will find Gweonry outside Tir na Nog at loc=16334,3384,5200 dir=244 Lough Derg, just outside the tunnel and to the left.

  • [Right click to display a shop window]
    Gweonry says, "Good day Lirone. I am here to assist the newly recruited. My tickets are free but are tied to certain quests. If you have been instructed to come to me, one of my tickets will be highlighted for you. Please purchase that one."

    You just bought a Ticket to Ardee for 0 copper pieces.

    Freagus says, "Welcome back Lirone. Did you have a good time in Tir na Nog? Did you get my coins to the Vault Keeper?"

    (Hand Freagus the Sealed Scroll for Freagus from Bhreagar Hylvian.)

    Freagus says, "Ah! My receipt. Thank you so much Lirone. Here, take this note back to Addrir in Mag Mell for me please. I would like to let him know what a fine person you are for assisting me twice now! Be safe on your journey back to Mag Mell."

    You receive a Scroll for Addrir from Freagus!
    You receive a Ticket to Mag Mell from Freagus!
    You are awarded 7 experience!

    (Hand the Ticket to Mag Mell to Freagus.)

    [Step #11] Return to Mag Mell and hand Addrir the note. Wait for him to read the note from Freagus. If he stops speaking with you, ask if he is [finished] with the letter.

    Addrir says, "Welcome back Lirone. You were gone for a while. Is everything alright?"

    Addrir says, "Hmm...What's this?"

    Addrir reads over the note carefully then returns his attentions to you.

    [Step #12] Wait for Addrir to reward you. If he stops speaking with you at any time, ask if there is a [reward] for your efforts.

    Addrir says, "Freagus speaks very highly of you. I think a [reward] is in store for you my young recruit."

    Addrir says, "Ah yes, here we are. Excellent. You have done a great thing today by helping out Freagus. You will go far in Hibernia Lirone, I just know it. Don't wander too far, for I have more work that needs to be done."

    You receive a Recruit's Round Shield from Addrir!
    You are awarded 12 experience!

    Addrir says, "I have another task for you Lirone. Speak with me when you are free."
    You are awarded 2 silver and some copper!
    You have finished the City of Tir na Nog quest.

  • Recruit's Round Shield -- Way of Arms

  • Reward:
      Recruit's Round Shield (Hib) (old) (nld)


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