Vangthar's Vengeance  

Start Zone: Kobold Undercity
Start NPC:Vangthar
Catacombs expansion Required
Avg. Time:8 minutes
Related Zones:
  Burial Grounds
Min Level:5
Max Level:11
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Darkwood Contriver
  Darkwood Deserter
  Guard Rimdar
Related Items:
  Idegir's Head
  Vangthar's Instructions
  Vangthar's Poison
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief walkthrough:
1) Speak with Vangthar at loc=23441,20566 in Kobold Undercity.
2) There are two options on how you proceed with this quest, I just cut to the chase and went to kill Idegir (easiest least time consuming way). You will find him with 2 Darkwood Deserter's near loc=20736,35857, this loc is not on the exact spot Idegir is, but it is perfect for pulling him. Though before you kill Idegir you have to deal with his 2 Darkwood Deserter buddies, to a level 6 they con'd green, infact they ran out to fight me before I reached the location posted above. Once you dispatch of the 2 Darkwood Deserter's you are free to kill Idegir, to a level 6 he con'd blue, upon his death a "Head from Idegir" will show up in your inventory. By killing Idegir and his men you do not need to use Vangthar's Poison.
3) Go see Guard Rimdar, loc=37356,33480 Burial Grounds, and and give him the "Head from Idegir", when the quest is complete the potion and map will disappear from your inventory.

level 6 Valkyrie received 4 silver, 1,447 experience and Idegir's Jeweled Earring.

Dialog from the quest:
1) Speak with Vangthar at loc=23441,20566,16393 dir=166 in Kobold Undercity.
Vangthar says, "Greetings, Dwarf. Is this your first time in the Undercity? Well, regardless it would be in your best interest to be chary of the peril which exists beyond the safety of the Undercity. There is much danger lurking in the Burial Grounds these days. Danger is thought to be [exciting] by some, though."

Vangthar says, "Are you of that nature, Dwarf? If so, I may have a task for you that will satisfy the adventurer in you. Tis' not a huge task really, but just a mere [errand] or sorts."

Vangthar says, "Something that I held dear to me was taken by a filthy bandit. These bandits are of an elusive nature and have a large network of outlaws in their midst. [Darkwood Bandits] they call themselves."

Vangthar says, "They not only pillage and defile the Burial Grounds while stirring up the souls of the dead, but they are murderers. They have been attacking citizens who travel through the Burial Grounds. They have plunged our residents into a fear of traveling and going on with [commerce]."

Vangthar says, "I must be honest with you, Valkyrie. I want this bandit killed and I want to make this clear to you before I make my proposal. Will you [seek] out this bandit and slay him?"

Will you aid Vangthar? [Level 5-11]
You have been given the Vangthar's Vengeance quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Vangthar.

Vangthar says, "I am grateful for your decision to assist me in this matter, Dwarf. You will be rewarded well for you time should you be successful in this [chore]."

Vangthar says, "I suppose you are wondering why my hate is so strong for this particular bandit. Well, I shall tell you my story starting with what I know of these Darkwood scoundrels...I have heard rumors that the leader of the group in the Burial Grounds is named [Norer]. There is a second leader named Hian who has his group positioned in the Abandoned Mines."

Vangthar says, "They both started out young, moving from a simple life in Fort Atla to a life of thievery in Jordheim. Their ways caught up with them in Jordheim. They were caught and then released, but were told to never enter Jordheim again. Norer and Hian then made their way to Myrkwood Forest to continue their evil ways. Alas, they snuck back into Jordheim city after a few years. They wanted to build a more elaborate [network] of bandits."

Vangthar says, "After recruiting several old accomplices they traveled back to Myrkwood, all the while recruiting more to the villainous life. Soon, they were terrorizing travelers through all of Myrkwood. Eventually, things in Myrkwood returned to normal. An influx of guards helped return things to normal and end the [activities] of the Bandits."

Vangthar says, "The Darkwood Bandits did not completely cease their activities. No, they left upper Midgard and made their way into the Burial Grounds. They now terrorize any travelers passing through the Burial Grounds that they can waylay. My wife Skiya and I were two of those that they attacked. [Skiya] and I were very happy together and we were both successful merchants here in the Undercity."

Vangthar says, "After the Burial Grounds were first unsealed my wife and I decided to make a trip to Jordheim to see what the surface of Midgard was like. Upon passing through the Burial Grounds we were ambushed by some bandits, one of whom was named was Idegir. His band attacked Skiya and I both. I only remember being ganged up on and beaten by Idegir and his two henchmen. I was beaten [unconscious]."

Vangthar says, "When I came to, Skiya was lying not far from me. I willed myself out of my beaten haze to see about her, and I noticed that she was badly injured. With every ounce of might and will in my being, I managed to carry her back to the city. I stayed with her constantly trying to coax her back to me. Her injuries were too extensive. There was nothing the healer could do to help her. Skiya passed two eves later and I now only have [memories] left."

Vangthar says, "Now you understand why my hate runs so deep. I want revenge on Idegir and I have been planning this from the moment they crossed my path. I am thankful that you came along, as I suffered injuries from the attack which have made me unable to complete this myself. I refuse to put myself in a situation where I will not be able to witness the [downfall] of Idegir."

Vangthar says, "I have been watching Idegir and following his every move. I have learned much from spying on him. You can use this information to defeat him and his horde. He is no longer part of the main group of Bandits in the [Burial Grounds]."

Vangthar says, "I learned that the Lieutenant of the Bandits had been killed and Norer had to promote someone within the ranks to fill the position. Idegir had seniority but another member of the brethren named Virthor was chosen to be Lieutenant so Idegir left in a fit of rage with three of his cronies. Since then he has been [plotting] to ambush and kill Virthor so that he can work his way back into the Darkwood Bandits to become Lieutenant."

Vangthar says, "Virthor is not aware of this plan. He would not be pleased if he learned of this plot. He may even deal with Idegir himself if this information happens to fall into his hands. You have a couple of methods of dealing with Idegir for me, Dwarf. You can battle your way to him although you will need the help of a friend. Or you can deal with this yourself by obtaining Idegir's plans for dispatching Virthor and then delivering these plans to [Virthor]."

Vangthar says, "I don't care which route you take in dealing with this, Valkyrie. All I ask is that this matter be dealt with. I last saw Idegir and his contrivers plotting this attack near the Call of Valhalla, southwest on the ledge past the stairs cut into the stone.This area is just up the stairs from where the Undercity leads into the Burial Grounds. I saw the contrivers drawing out a map to Virthor's camp with various instructions. You only need to find the contrivers and slay them to retrieve the plans. They will serve as [proof] to Virthor of what Idegir is plotting."

Vangthar says, "After you retrieve the plans, go to Virthor's camp which is all the way across the Burial Grounds on the ledge to the east which is opposite of the contrivers. This area can also be found by navigating from the Cavern Entrance, where Guard Njolda and Captain Tholder is stationed. When you leave the Cavern Entrance follow the ledge north until you come to Virthor's camp. I have given you written instructions and directions to aid you. I have also given you a poison that will aid you in infiltrating Virthor's camp. Should you wish to instigate a bit of trouble between Virthor and Idegir, use the poison on [Virthor's Guard]. "

You receive Vangthar's Poison from Vangthar!
You receive Vangthar's Instructions from Vangthar!

Vangthar says, "The bandits hate us and they would never allow you near Virthor. You will need to use the poison as soon as the guard acknowledges you. Do not lose this poison, as you need to keep it until you finish this assignment. Once you use the poison you will be able to move further into the camp to deliver the [plans] to Virthor."

Vangthar says, "Please visit Guard Rimdar in the Burial Grounds when you complete this task. He can be found near the tunnel that leads from the surface. Travel west down that corridor, and then south down the next tunnel at the junction. He is a friend of mine and is well aware of what I plan to do. He will reward you once you give him Idegir's Head. Be very careful in either of your choices, Valkyrie. I am living proof of just how ruthless these Bandits are. I will pray that the Gods be on your side in this mission."

[Step #2&3] Slay Idegir and his deserters or slay the contrivers for the plans to ambush Virthor. Read Vangthar's Instructions for more detailed instructions and directions. (To use and item right click on the item and type/use).
  • I just cut to the chase and went to kill Idegir. You will find him with 2 Darkwood Deserter's near loc=20736,35857,16681 dir=319, this loc is not on the exact spot Idegir is, but it is perfect for pulling him. Though before you kill Idegir you have to deal with his 2 Darkwood Deserter buddies, to a level 6 they con'd green, infact they ran out to fight me before I reached the location posted above. Once you dispatch of the 2 Darkwood Deserter's you are free to kill Idegir, to a level 6 he con'd blue, upon his death a "Head from Idegir" will show up in your inventory. By killing Idegir and his men you do not need to use Vangthar's Poison, that and the map will vanish when you go speak to Guard Rimdar to turn in the "Head from Idegir."

  • [Step #4] Seek out Guard Rimdar to receive your reward. He can be found in the Burial Ground passage to the east of Idegir's Camp. Travel through the Cavern Entrance and travel up two flights of stairs. He will be to the north.
  • Guard Rimdar is at loc=37356,33480,19363 dir=355 Burial Grounds

  • Guard Rimdar says, "Hail there, Valkyrie. How can a guard of the Undercity be of assistance to you?"

    [Step #5] Give Idegir's Head to Guard Rimdar.

    Guard Rimdar says, "Well, well, what do we have here? I see that my good friend Vangthar finally received justice. May he be at peace now, if the Gods are willing. Thank you for relieving the Burial Grounds of this [menace], Dwarf."

    Guard Rimdar says, "Take this earring and coin as payment for providing this risky yet noble service. I thank you for myself and on Vangthar's behalf. May the blessings of the Gods be upon you."

    You receive Idegir's Jeweled Earring from Guard Rimdar!
    You are awarded 1,447 experience!
    You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!
    You have finished the Vangthar's Vengeance quest.

    (reward, coin and experience was earned by a level 6)

    Idegir's Jeweled Earring (str)--Valkyrie
    Idegir's Jeweled Earring (pie) -- Warlock
    Idegir's Jeweled Earring (dex) -- Hunter

      Idegir's Jeweled Earring (str)
      Idegir's Jeweled Earring (pie)
      Idegir's Jeweled Earring (dex)

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    Vangthar's Vengeance
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    The minimum level to accept this quest is level 5.
    Hunter reward
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    Idegir's Jeweled Earring:
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    different reward
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    Warlock also received Idegir's Jeweled Earring, although this one boosted piety.

    Idegir's Jeweled Earring (Jewel)
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    1% Slash
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