Beginning of War (Hib)  

Start Zone: Lough Derg
Start NPC:Addrir
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Related Zones:
Min Level:4
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Master Lucyn
  Princess Coisien
  Sluagh Guard
  Villainous Youth
Related Items:
  Handful of Magical Sand
  List of Ingredients
  Lock Pick
  Princess Coisien's Head
  Scroll for Master Lucyn
  Toothed Feccan Necklace
Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 00:33:11 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

Per patch 1.75:
- "Beginning of War" Master Lucyn has been relocated to Ardee from Connla. This will alleviate the excessive travel for players.

Per Hot Fix note on 01.29.08:
- (Hibernia) The quest 'Beginning of War' is an old starter quest that is no longer offered. Because of conflicts that could arise by players that still have the quest pending in their journal when they attempt to complete this quest, the quest has been shortened. Characters on steps 14 through 18 can check their journal to see the new simpler goal and how to receive their reward.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Travel to loc=26955,7789 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.
2) Hand Master Lucyn, loc=8181,27092 Shannon Estuary, the Scroll for Master Lucyn from Addrir.
3) /use the List of Ingredients from Master Lucyn
5) Kill a Villainous Youth.
6) /use the List of Ingredients from Master Lucyn
7) Kill a Sandman.
8) /use the List of Ingredients from Master Lucyn
9) Kill a Feccan.
10) Go back to Master Lucyn and hand him the items he asks for that you have collected.
11) Master Lucyn will teleport you back to Addrir. Talk with Addrir.
12) Right click on Master Lucyn and the click on Addrir for instructions.
13) Go to loc=42236,53786 Connacht with Master Lucyn in tow., There you will get a pop up telling you to "Slay Princess Coisien!" Don't worry about all the guards she is with, Master Lucyn will take care of those while you kill the princess.
14) Talk with Master Lucyn after the fight.
15) Go back to Addrir and type /whisper returned to Connla.
16) Hand Addrir Princess Coisien's Head to collect your reward.

lvl 4 way of arms received 217 experience, 8 silver a Recruit's Silver Bracelet and Recruit's Cailiocht Vest

Dialog from the quest:
Travel to loc=26955,7789,5196 dir=22 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.

Addrir says, "Recruit! The Sluagh are planning on making an advance on Mag Mell. We must stop them! Our scouts have told us they have a small army with them. We do not have the [resources] to deal with them at this time."

Addrir says, "Our guards are busy protecting the newly recruited, and there is really no one else here that can or wants to deal with this problem. It has fallen to us, again, to deal with it. What do you say? Are [you] in or out?"

Will you take this letter to Master Lucyn in Connla? [Level 4]
You have been given the Beginning of War quest.

[Step #1] Listen to Addrir as he explains what is happening. If you need to speak with him, right click on him.

Addrir says, "All right (your name), we haven't got much time. I have in mind an old friend of mine that will help us with this problem, but he is located all the way down in [Connla]. "

Addrir says, "I have already worked out an arrangement with Gaec to get you safe and fast transportation down to Connla. Take this note and deliver it to Master Lucyn. Now go (your name). Off to Gaec with you."

You receive the Scroll for Master Lucyn from Addrir!

[Step #2] Deliver the letter to Master Lucyn. He resides in Connla deep within Shannon Estuary. Take the Wyvern so your trip is faster. When you find Master Lucyn, hand him the letter.
  • Though known to roam, Master Lucyn generally can be found in a hut at loc=8181,27092,4865 dir-318 Shannon Estuary.

  • [Step #3] Wait for Master Lucyn to read the letter from Addrir.

    Master Lucyn says, "Eh? What's this? Oh ho! From my old friend Addrir! Ah, the times we used to have, adventuring together. You know, we were quite the ladies men too. Hehe! Ah, let's see here, he needs my help. All right, but I need you to do [something]."

    Master Lucyn says, "I've let myself go over these last few years. I haven't been practicing my magick like I should have. But never fear, I know of a spell that will get me back to functioning form in no time. It just requires a few [ingredients]."

    Master Lucyn turns over the letter from Addrir and writes a few things on the back of it.

    Master Lucyn says, "Here, take this. I've listed what I need and where it comes from on the back of this letter. Just go out there and don't come back to me until you've got what I need. Now get!"

    You receive the List of Ingredients from Master Lucyn!

    [Step #4] You must now READ Master Lucyn's list. In order to do that, right click on the list in your inventory and type /use. Get the things on his list for him.

    The first ingredient on the list is a lock pick from a villainous youth. Find a villainous youth and get a lock pick from him or her.

    [Step #5] Find a villainous youth and get a lock pick from him or her.
  • Found a villainous youth at loc=18498,19937,5023 dir=48 Shannon Estuary, there are several in this area and to a level 4 they con yellow and blue.

  • You receive the Lock Pick from the villainous youth!

    [Step #6] Read Master Lucyn's list again. To read the list, right click on the list and type /use.

    The second ingredient on the list is the sand from a Sandman. Find the sandman on the beaches of Connla and slay the creature for its magical sand.

    [Step #7] Find the sandman wandering on the beaches of Connla. Slay the creature for a handful of its magical sand.
  • Sandmen can be found at loc=14196,25339,4848 dir=223 Shannon Estuary.

  • You receive the Handful of Magical Sand from the sandman!

    [Step #8] Read Master Lucyn's list to get the final ingredient. To read the list, right click on the list and type /use.

    The final ingredient on the list is the toothed necklace from a feccan. Feccans reside all over Connla. Find one and get its necklace.

    [Step #9] Find a feccan. Slay the beast for its tooth necklace.
  • Feccan found at loc=15723,22478,4935 dir=51 Shannon Estuary.

  • You receive the Tooth Feccan Necklace from the Feccan!
    The list of ingredients dissipates into a glowing, blue cloud.

    [Step #10] Return to Master Lucyn in Connla. Be sure to hand him the Lock pick first.

    Master Lucyn says, "Ah, you're back. Did you get the things I need? If you did, then hand me the lock pick first."

    Master Lucyn says, "Thank you. This will come in very handy. Now, for the Handful of Magical Sand."

    [Step #11] Now hand Master Lucyn the Handful of Magical Sand.

    Master Lucyn says, "Excellent. This is more than enough. All right, now for the Toothed Feccan Necklace."

    [Step #12] Now hand Master Lucyn the Feccan Tooth Necklace.

    Master Lucyn says, "Good job (your name). Now, I need for you to return to Addrir. I will be along shortly. Hrm...Let me [expedite] your travels back to Mag Mell for you."

    Master Lucyn says, "Ha ha!"

    [Step #13] Return to Addrir in Mag Mell and let him know you've contacted Master Lucyn and that he will be [assisting] with the Sluagh problem.

    Addrir says, "Welcome back (your name). Did you speak with Master Lucyn? Is he going to help us with this problem?"

    Addrir says, "I knew he would. Now, I think we have time to go over our...what is that?"

    [Step #14] Help Master Lucyn over to Addrir. You can do this by right clicking on him.

    The Master Lucyn is surrounded by a shield of magical energy.

    Addrir says, "Ah! Master Lucyn. So nice to have you here with us today. Recruit, would you please escort Master Lucyn over towards me so he might be able to hear the plans I have laid out."

    Master Lucyn says, "Ah, thank you (your name). Now, let's keep listening to what Addrir has to say."
    Master Lucyn says, "Don't leave me next time. I don't know where I'm going!"

    [Step #15] Return to Addrir and listen as he details his plan.

    Addrir says, "As I was saying, our scouts have spotted a small army of the Sluagh to the northwest of here, in a small grove of trees. It is very important that the two of you take out this army, and [quickly]."

    Addrir says, "I wonder where Master Lucyn has wandered off to. Ah, there he is."

    Addrir says, "We do not want them to approach any of the areas near Tir na Nog, nor around Mag Mell. Fagan will be absolutely enraged, and it will be harder than ever to [drive them away] from here."

    Addrir says, "Now then, I think I have prepared you as much as I can. The job of slaying their leader has fallen to you, (your name). Bring me back its head as proof of its demise. Go now, and be swift in your victory."

    [Step #16] Make your way northwest from Addrir into the foothills to the right side of Tir na Nog. Look for the eirbugs. When you're there, defeat the Sluagh leader.
  • The location you need to go to is loc=42236,53786,5212 dir=315 Connacht, there you will get a pop up telling you to "Slay Princess Coisien!" Don't worry about all the guards she is with, Master Lucyn will take care of those while you kill the princess.

  • Princess Coisien says, "My people will crush you!"
    Princess Coisien dies!
    You receive the Princess Coisien's Head from Princess Coisien!

    [Step #17] When the fight is over, speak with Master Lucyn. If he is gone, or you have gone link dead or logged out, return to Addrir in Mag Mell.

    Master Lucyn says, "All right (your name), my magical energies are spent. I need to get back to Connla to rest. Good fight. Please let Addrir know that I have gone back to Connla for a bit. I don't want him to worry."

    [Step #18] Return to Addrir in Mag Mell. Be sure to tell him that Master Lucyn has [returned to Connla].

    Addrir says, "Welcome back (your name). Where is Master Lucyn?"

    /whisper returned to Connla

    Addrir says, "Ah, as he should. I'm sure he's quite fatigued. Well then, he would not have left without the fight being victorious, so please, show me the proof you have of the Sluagh's defeat."

    Addrir says, "Um, yes, well then. I did ask for the head didn't I? Still, this is a little more than what I was expecting, but effective nonetheless. Now, a [reward] is definitely in order for you."

    [Step #19] Wait for Addrir to reward you for your efforts in defeating the Sluagh army. If he forgets, ask him about the [reward].

    Addrir says, "I think you'll find these two items of particular use to someone of your profession. Thank you again (your name), for all your hard work and assistance with these matters. Be safe, but do not wander too far. I'm sure there will be more to do."

    You receive the Recruit's Cailiocht Vest from Addrir!
    You receive the Recruit's Silver Bracelet from Addrir!
    You are awarded 8 silver and some copper!
    You are awarded 217 experience!
    You have finished the Beginning of War quest.

    Recruit's Silver Bracelet
    Recruit's Cailiocht Vest -- The Way of Arms
    Recruit's Fancy Robe -- The Way of Magic

      Recruit's Silver Bracelet
      Recruit's Cailiocht Vest (old) (nld)
      Recruit's Cruaigh Jerkin
      Recruit's Fancy Robe (old)

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    cant finish step 13
    # Sep 12 2006 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
    i got everything on lucyn's list and gave them to him, and he brought me back to addrir, but when i talk to addrir and say "assisting" nothing happens, addrir says "lucyn must be busy. check back later." or somethin like that. any help?
    # Aug 17 2006 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
    This quest is NOT disabled on US Servers as far as I know.
    Quest broke?
    # Aug 13 2005 at 7:36 AM Rating: Decent
    I can't get step 13 to trigger. Anyone else having this problem.
    Quest broke?
    # Sep 13 2006 at 3:44 PM Rating: Decent
    Yes it is.
    CSR says quest mostly works but sometimes they have to reset Master Lucyn manually.
    RE: Quest broke?
    # Sep 29 2005 at 9:11 AM Rating: Good
    177 posts
    yeah, im having the same issue. i head NW to the eirebugs and no pop. i tried going to the exact location given in the spoiler with no luck. not sure what im doing wrong.
    RE: Quest broke?
    # Feb 28 2006 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
    make sure you have Master Lucyn with you or it doesn't work
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