Argent Arrowheads (Epic 2)  

Submitted by:Mynte Gelleigh of Percival
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:class trainer
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Related Zones:
  Lough Derg
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Dian Cecht
  Wounded Sentinel
Related Items:
  Silver Detection Potion
  Siabran Silver Arrow
  Dacyn's Equipment
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

1) Riofach in TNN tells you to go talk to Dian Cecht in Mag Mell.

Dian Cecht says, "Speak to the Wounded Sentinel housed in one of the huts near the Shrouded Isles portal to the west of Mag Mell. The Sentinel will be attended by an Apprentice Healer in blue."

As you approach the Wounded Sentinel, the Apprentice Healer by his side warns you not to tax him too much since he was so badly wounded.

The Wounded Sentinel says,"Mmmmm...wha? hey, you're not the [healer]."

You explain to the Sentinel that Dian Cecht is trying to find out more about the Siabra weapons. You ask him to tell you what he can remember about the latest skirmish and where it took place.

The Wounded Sentinel says,'Oh, the battle. We were patrolling in the western part of Lough Derg, where it's usually quiet. But, it looks like there were a small group of Siabra rangers in the area. We didn't see them until it was [too late]."

The Wounded Sentinel says,'They ambushed us, killing half of our patrol. The rest of us were lucky to make it back to Mardagh alive, but wounded. I've never seen an arrow wound like this one before. I've seen my share of battles, but I have never had a wound heal this [slowly].'

The Wounded Sentinel says,"They attacked us near a small cluster of standing stones to the northwest of Mardagh and northeast of the small lake out there. You can also reach it by going south west from Mag Mell. They came at us from teh top of the hill. I hope that helps..."

The Wounded Sentinel passes out.

4) Now that you know the location of the skirmish, return to Dian Cecht in Mag Mell. He should be finished preparing the potion to reveal any weapons made from enchanted silver at the battle site.

Dian Cecht says,"Welcome back (your name). Were you able to find out the location of the skirmish from the Wounded [Sentinel]?

Dian Cecht says,"I am almost finished mixing this potion. Any nearby objects made of enchanted silver will start to glow when you pour this on the ground. Pick up any objects that glow and bring them back so that I may [inspect] them."

Dian Cecht says,"Here is your potion, (your name). Good luck in your search."

5) Find the site of the skirmish near a cluster of standing stones northwest of Mardagh and northeast of a small lake in western Lough Derg. Right click on the potion in your inventory and type /use to use it.

Run southwest to a group of three standing stones near loc 18000 22000. A pop up box will tell you when you are in the right area.

"You pour the potion on to the ground. A silver light appears in the tall grass. Upon closer inspection, the object turns out to be an enchanted silver arrow."

6) Take the Siabran Silver Arrow to Dian Cecht in Mag Mell. If DIan Cecht stops talking to you, ask what a large [supply] of these silver arrowheads could mean for the Siabra.

Dian Cecht says,"Were you able to find anything that reacted to the potion?"

Hand her the silver arrow.

Dian Cecht says,"Ah, this is inded an arrowhead of the kind used by the Siabra. It's still glowing in response to the potion I gave you. There's no doubt about it, this is enchanted silver. If they have equipped their archers with these, they must have a large [supply]."

Dian Cecht says,"An entire army Siabra equipped with enchanted silver weaponry would indeed be a threat to Hibernia. We must find out how widespread this weaponry is and who owned this arrow. I know a spell to identify the archer who fired this [arrow]."

Dian Cecht says,"I should know the archer's identity in a [moment]."

Dian Cecht says,"Ah! The arrow belonged to a Siabran ranger named Dacyn...but this is strange. I don't recognize his tribe. I'm not sure what to make of that, but he has not gone far from where the arrow was [fired]."

Dian Cecht says,"He's... directly west of Mardagh camped near another set of standing stones. Kill him and bring his equipment to me. If he's carrying any other enchanted silver items, then there should be enough matierial for me to identify the smith who made them."

6) Dian Cecht has identified the arrow's owner as Dacyn, a Siabra archer camped in Lough Derg. Find him camped near a group of standing stones directly west of Mardagh, kill him, and take his equipment back to Dian Cecht.

The standing stones are located near 22000, 32000 and Dacyn was in the center.

You collect Dacyn's weapons from his corpse and teara few silver scales free from his armor, placing them in your pack.

7) Return to Dian Cecht with Dacyn's equipment.

Dian Cacht says,"You've returned! Were you able to track down Dacyn and capture his equipment?"

Hand Dian Cecht Dacyn equipment.

Dian Cecht says,"This appears to be made from the same silver as the arrowhead, and there is enough here to identify the smith who made it. Good work (your name). I'll get to work on finding the name and location of the [smith] when I can."

Dian Cecht says,"In the meantime, I've asked Brigit to have her Rangers and Sentinels on the loo out for more unusual Siabra weaponry. The fact that Dacyn did not belong to on particular tribe [intrigues] me."

Dian Cecht says,"I wish we knew more, but we already have a number of duties to attend to. Thank you for your help (char name). Do not be surprised if I ask for your assistance again in the future. Please accept this as a reward for a job well done."

You receive the Servitor Belt from Dian Cecht!
You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!
You receive 61,440 experience!

Servitor Belt -- Hero
Invoker Belt -- Eldritch
Woodsman Belt -- Warden
Lurker Belt -- Ranger
Stone Palm Belt -- Mauler

lvl 13 received 122,880 experience.

  Servitor Belt
  Invoker Belt
  Woodsman Belt
  Lurker Belt (Hib)
  Stone Palm Belt


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