Island Holiday (Epic 2)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Defenders of Albion
Start NPC:Sir Amren
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
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Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
  Isle of Glass
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Druid Seeker
  Guardian Jenna
  Kennard Jameson
Last Updated:Wed Aug 17 01:38:27 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085 City of Camelot.
2) Port to Isle of Glass and speak with Guardian Jenna who is standing at the bind stone in Goth. Harbor. at loc=35423,51389 Isle of Glass
3) Go to Caer Gothwaite and give Kennard Jameson the ticket to Caifelle from Guardian Jenna.
4) Once in Caifelle go to the stone at loc=53242,27530 Isle of Glass and kill the druid seeker there.
5) Return to Sir Amren in Camelot for your reward.

lvl 50 armswoman received 61,440 experience 6 silver and a Footsoldier Belt

Quest Dialog:

Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085,8214 dir=102 City of Camelot.

Sir Amren says, "(your name), you have done well for yourself so far. There is still much to learn but I have no doubt that you will be up for the [challenge]."

Will you learn more about the druid threat? [Level 10]
You have been given the Island Holiday (Epic 2) quest.

[Step #1] Talk to Sir Amren. You can find him upstairs in the Defenders of Albion building.

Sir Amren says, "As a part of the Defenders of Albion, you will learn that the walls of this realm are not built only of brick and stone. They are also made up of the [blood and steel] of those who defend all that we hold dear."

Sir Amren says, "Aye, the war now upon us requires strength and bravery. We fight to prove ourselves but we also fight to keep safe that which we once took for granted. We face [two enemies] who are every bit as determined as ourselves to win this war."

Sir Amren says, "Midgard and Hibernia are more than enough to keep us occupied. The real trouble may very well be from within. Forces which were silent and hidden during the time of Merlin and his King kept a watchful eye on [the realm]. They now sense our tenuous position and look to bring their old ways back no matter the cost."

Sir Amren says, "Not everyone here is grateful to be living under a King, even if he is fair and just as Constantine. With your help we have learned that a group of druids have made themselves known in the [Black Mountains]."

Sir Amren says, "These druids must be well connected. I have a report stating that several of them have been seen in the Isle of Glass where they are studying the standing stones near [Caifelle]."

Sir Amren says, "Make your way through the portal in Cotswold and speak to Guardian Jenna. She will provide passage to Caifelle. From there you should see one such stone to the south along the shore of a lake. Capture one of these druids alive if you can or at least learn what

[Step #2] Head through the portal in Cotswold and make your way to Guardian Jenna in Gothwaite Harbor.
  • The portal you need is at loc=15843,26188,2744 dir=54 Camelot Hills. Once you port through you will see Guardian Jenna standing at the bind stone at loc=35423,51389,3168 dir=129 Isle of Glass.

  • Guardian Jenna says, "Welcome to Gothwaite Harbor. I have made arrangements for your passage to Caifelle. Take this ticket to Kennard Jameson in Caer Gothwaite to the southeast."

    You receive the ticket to Caer Gothwaite from Guardian Jenna!
    You receive the ticket to Caifelle from Guardian Jenna!

    [Step #3] Make your way to Caifelle and search for the stone along the lake to the south.
  • The stone you seek is at loc=53242,27530,3160 dir=144 Isle of Glass, near the stone you will see a druid seeker. I tried /search -ing around the stone and all I got was the message of "You can't do that here!" So I killed the druid seeker and the quest advanced.

  • [Step #4] Return to Sir Amren in Camelot.

    Sir Amren says, "Tell me (your name), what [news] do you bring from the Isle of Glass?"

    You tell Sir Amren of your encounter with the ghost.

    Sir Amren says, "It seems they are now learning secrets from the dead. There must be some truth to what Lady Nimue says about the stones somehow [tapping] into the power of the earth itself."

    Sir Amren says, "The Shrouded Isles are strange places where I am not surprised to find magic welling up from the ground. The thought of the same thing happening in our homeland or even the frontier is a frightening [proposition]."

    Sir Amren says, "These druids appear to be organized and they seem to be gathering their power. We do not as yet know the purpose behind their actions but we will uncover this plot. Now is not the time to act. We must first study what is known and scout out that which is hidden. We will surely have [need] of you again."

    [Step #5] Ask Sir Amren if he is in [need] of your services.

    Sir Amren says, "Take this small token of thanks for now and return when you have gained more experience."

    You receive the Footsoldier Belt from Sir Amren!
    You are awarded 61,440 experience!
    You are awarded 6 silver!
    You have completed the Island Holiday (Epic 2) quest!

    lvl 16 received 61,440 experience.
    lvl 50 received 61,440 experience.

    Footsoldier Belt -- Armsman
    Lesser Chaplain Belt -- Friar
    Journeyman Theurgist Belt -- Theurgist
    Bowman Belt -- Scout
    Stone Palm Belt -- Mauler

      Journeyman Theurgist Belt
      Lesser Chaplain Belt
      Bowman Belt
      Footsoldier Belt
      Stone Palm Belt


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