A Friend in Need (Epic 4)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Defenders of Albion
Start NPC:Sir Amren
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Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
  Salisbury Plains
Min Level:20
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Druid Disenchanter
  Lady Nimue
Related Items:
  Druid's Letter
  Nimue's Recall Charm
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085 City of Camelot.
2) Speak with Lady Nimue at loc=25377,15050 Camelot Hills.
3) Travel to the standing stone at loc=41047,31039 Salisbury Plains, near Stonehenge.
4) Kill the 3 Druid Disenchanter's there to get the Druid's Letter.
5) Read the Druid's Letter and the /use the Nimue's Recall Charm to port back to Lady Nimue.
6) Give Lady Nimue the Druid's Letter when she asks for it.
7) Return to Sir Amren in Camelot to receive your reward.

lvl 50 armswoman received 1,966,080 experience 17 silver and a Soldier Cloak

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085,8214 dir=102 City of Camelot.

Sir Amren says, "Ah, welcome Armswoman. Thank you for answering my summons. I have grave news, I'm afraid. There has been an assassination attempt on Lady Nimue, and we do not know why or who was [involved]."

Sir Amren says, "We need you to investigate this treacherous deed and bring those at fault to justice. Will you honor your duty to the Defenders of Albion, and [aid us] in this task?"

Will you investigate the attempted assassination of Lady Nimue? [Level 20]
You have been given the A Friend in Need (Epic 4) quest.

Sir Amren says, "Good. You can begin by paying a visit to Lady Nimue. Go out the East gates of the city and follow the road through Cotswold. Turn left at the fork and travel past Nob's stable. Look for a pond off the road on your right. She is there."

[Step #1] Speak to Lady Nimue. Go out the East Gate of the city and follow the road through Cotswold. Turn left at the fork and travel north past Nob's stable. Look for a pond off the road on your right - you will find Nimue there.
  • Lady Nimue is at loc=25377,15050,2360 dir=277 Camelot Hills.

  • Lady Nimue says, "Hail traveler, stay a moment and hear a tale of love, loss and [hope]."

    Lady Nimue says, "I welcome you, Armswoman. I am grateful that Sir Amren has sent you to help me. As you have no doubt heard, an assassin attempted to [banish me] from this world."

    Lady Nimue says, "Aye, even I am not immune to some spells. This was old magic, a spell of the druids. Caught unaware, I was blinded and rendered unconscious by the attack, but I survived and the assassin [fled]."

    Lady Nimue says, "I was able to recover my senses enough to pry into the mind of my assailant. I glimpsed an image - a stone obelisk very near to [Stonehenge]."

    Lady Nimue says, "You must go to this place, Armswoman, and discover the [connection] to my assassin."

    Lady Nimue says, "I believe the stone I glimpsed is one of the outer menhirs of Stonehenge, located northeast of the central ring. Tread lightly, for I sense evil deeds are at work in that place! I will give you this charm to speed your journey back. When you have found the cause of these evil doing and gathered evidence of the plot against me, you can use this to return to me instantly. Go now, and be careful!"

    You receive the Nimue's Recall Charm from Lady Nimue!

    [Step #2] Travel to Stonehenge and look for a evidence of a plot against Lady Nimue. Search northeast of the central circle and look for a lone standing stone.
  • The location of the standing stone is loc=41047,31039,2096 dir=55 Salisbury Plains. The quickest way there is to purchase a horse from Gronyr's Farm to Camp Forest, have your /map open and jump when you see you are near Stonehenge on the map. When you reach the standing stone you will see 3 druid disenchanter's and your journal will update.

  • [Step #3] Three druids are performing a spell on the standing stone! These must be the druids who tried to assassinate Lady Nimue - defeat them and look for evidence of the plot against Nimue.
  • Note: when you attack on druid the other two will join the fight with ranged spells.

  • You receive the Druid's Letter from the druid disenchanter!

    [Step #4] READ the Druid's Letter. To so so, right-click on it and type /use. When you have read the letter, USE Nimue's Recall Charm to return to Lady Nimue and report your findings.

    You attempt to use the Druid's Letter.
    You use the Druid's Letter.
      My good friends, our glorious day is near! Before we can achieve our ultimate goal, I must ask one thing of you. The Lady Nimue possesses a keen magical sense and might discover our plan. She must be dealt with, and soon. My master has given me a spell to pass on to you that will destroy Lady Nimue - send only your best assassin to use it, for she is powerful.

      When this deed is done, you must conduct the Rite of Purging on the stone obelisk as we discussed previously. Refer to the map I provided you to find the obelisk's location.

      May the Old Gods favor you, my honored friends. Soon we will drive the Briton invaders from our land, and your people will rule Albion once more.

      General Vaul
    Lady Nimue says, "It gladdens me to see you return, Armswoman. What did you find at the [menhir]?"

    [Step #5] Speak to Lady Nimue about your discovery at the [menhir]. When prompted, give her the Druid's Letter.

    Lady Nimue says, "Three druids casting spells at the stone? How peculiar. Did you find anything else of interest? If so, please let me see."

    Lady Nimue says, "These orders... they are signed by General Vaul! I recall that he is the half-orge General that Sir Amren recently promoted. He says that he has acquired a ley line map...I wonder what that has to do with this Druid ritual and the mehir? This treachery will not go unpunished, but first I must determine what he and the Druids are up to. You must return to Sir Amren and tell him of this. We will meet again, I think."

    [Step #6] Return to Sir Amren and report on the success of your mission for Lady Nimue.

    Sir Amren says, "Welcome back, soldier! Did you speak to Lady Nimue and help her find out more about the assassination [attempt]?"

    Sir Amren says, "General Vaul has betrayed us? Then he shall pay with his life. I can see now why he took the ley line map from you - obviously he's been planning this for some time. Well, you did your duty as asked. Take these coins to cover your expenses. I have [something else] for you as well, straight from our requisition master."

    You are awarded 1,966,080 experience!
    You are awarded 17 silver and some copper!

    Sir Amren says, "Treat this well - the Defenders of Albion don't just give away such trinkets idly! Go now, and I'll call upon you again soon. In the meantime, we'll track down General Vaul and see what we can find out."

    You receive the Soldier Cloak from Sir Amren!
    You have completed the A Friend in Need (Epic 4) quest!

    Soldier Cloak -- Armsman
    Sapper Cloak -- Theurgist
    Watcher Cloak -- Scout
    Zealot Cloak -- Friar
    Pugilist Cloak -- Mauler

      Sapper Cloak
      Watcher Cloak
      Soldier Cloak
      Zealot Cloak
      Pugilist Cloak


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