The Search at Snowdonia (Epic 3)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Bishop Kustan
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  Confronting Vortimer (Epic 8)
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Related Zones:
  Black Mountains North
Min Level:15
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Heretic Elam
  Odaro Hengist
Related Items:
  Elam's Report
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504 City of Camelot, in the Church.
2) Speak with Odaro Hengist, at loc= 40562,40520 Black Mtns. North, upstairs in Snowdonia Station.
3) Kill Heretic Elam, at loc=50812,39364 Black Mtns. North
4) Return to Bishop Kustan and hand him Elam's Report to receive your reward.

lvl 30 Paladin received 409,600 experience, 8 silver and Protector Bracer.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504,8317 dir=171 City of Camelot, in the Church.

Bishop Kustan says, "Ah (Your Name), good to see you. You seem to have a knack for investigation. That scroll you recovered helped us find out more about the theft of the Church's relics. We could use your [talents] again."

Will you aid the Church in its search for its stolen artifacts? [Level 15]
You have been given the The Search at Snowdonia (Epic 3) quest.

Bishop Kustan says, "Glad to see you're working with us again. The problem is more serious than we first thought. Numerous relics have been stolen from various locations all over the realm."

Bishop Kustan says, "There is some good news however. We have discovered that they were all taken to the same [place] - Snowdonia Station."

Bishop Kustan says, "There is a brother of the cloth at Snowdonia Station, Odaro Hengist. He tends to the wounds of our brethren. Go there and speak with him. Perhaps he's seen or heard something that could be useful to you in your investigation. Godspeed (Your Name)."

[Step #2] Speak with Odaro Hengist in Snowdonia Station to find out what he knows about the missing relics.
( Odaro Hengist is at loc= 40562,40520,4406 dir=85 Black Mtns. North, upstairs in Snowdonia Station.)

Odaro Hengist says, "Welcome (Your Name), I received word you'd be coming. I've heard you've been instrumental in uncovering the mystery of our [stolen relics]. I'm honored to receive you. How can I help you?"

Odaro Hengist says, "Here! They were taken here? How? I've not seen anything to make me believe they were taken here. How could this happen, right under my nose? I wish I'd been blessed with the ability to [see] as you do."

Odaro Hengist says, "What have I seen? Well, I have seen some odd things recently. Sometimes, strange lights can be seen atop the hills to the east. Also, there have been more rumors of ghosts about [recently]."
Odaro Hengist says, "Well, yes all this started just awhile ago shortly after..."
Odaro Hengist says, "Oh no. Now I remember. I saw a man dressed in what appeared to be priestly robes talking to several rather destitute looking men. They [headed] east toward the forest. At the time, I didn't think anything about it. I thought he was a friar rendering aid to some wayward souls and didn't give it a second thought."

Odaro Hengist says, "Yes, please head east and investigate these lights, and hopefully you'll be able to find that robed man."

[Step #3] Head east into the forest and find the robed man and what may be causing these lights.
( Heretic Elam is at loc=50812,39364,5597 dir=33 Black Mtns. North, he summons 3 ghostly britons every 30 sec or so, they run off after being summoned.)

Heretic Elam dies!
You receive Elam's Report from Heretic Elam!
You discover a letter Elam was writing listing several of the missing relics. Bishop Kustan should find this useful.

[Step #4] Return to Bishop Kustan and tell him what you've [discovered].

Bishop Kustan says, "It is surely divine intervention that brings you to me this day. Our good King Constantine needs our help, and I have been inspired that you might be the [right person] for the task."

Bishop Kustan says, "Welcome back (Your Name), what have you [discovered]."

You tell Bishop Kustan you found a [report] on Heretic Elam's body with the names of several of the missing relics. You also mention Odaro has received reports of increased undead activity and some strange lights near Snowdonia station.

Bishop Kustan says, "A report? Let me see it."

Bishop Kustan reads the report.

[Step #4] Continue speaking with Bishop Kustan. If he should stop talking to you tell him about [Heretic Elam].

Bishop Kustan says, "Good work. This report proves this [Heretic Elam] received the relics. Also, it mentions he was drawing souls into Albion. It appears he is behind the increased undead activity as well. Unfortunately, the report is unfinished; it doesn't say who the report is for. "

Bishop Kustan says, "Puzzling, we'll have to find out more about Heretic Elam and why he did these things. But that is for another time. For now, the Church of Albion is grateful; here take this as payment for your services."

You are awarded 8 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 409,600 experience!
You receive the Protector Bracer from Bishop Kustan!
You have completed The Search at Snowdonia (Epic 3) quest!

lvl 18 received 409,600 experience.
lvl 30 received 409,600 experience.
lvl 48 received 409,600 experience.

Protector Bracer -- Paladin
Summoner of Arawn Bracer -- Necromancer
Curate Bracer -- Cleric
Initiate Heretic Bracer -- Heretic
Protector of Arawn Bracer -- Reaver

  Initiate Heretic Bracer
  Summoner of Arawn Bracer
  Curate Bracer
  Protector Bracer
  Protector of Arawn Bracer

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Heretic Elam
# Apr 19 2006 at 7:33 AM Rating: Excellent
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When you got adds from those Ghostly Britons, just keep beating Elam. Once he's Dead, the ghosts drop all at once.

Level 18 Paladin recieved 409,600 XP

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Reaver Reward
# Apr 16 2006 at 4:41 PM Rating: Decent
Reaver-Reward Bracer:

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