Finding the Way (Epic 5)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Bishop Kustan
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
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Related Zones:
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Min Level:25
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(From 1 rating)
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Tome of Portal Magic
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504 City of Camelot, in the Church.
2) Go kill Nohra'gar who can be found at loc=57603,37567 Avalon Isle, Prios (abandoned town near the Haunted Appletrees)
3) Return to Bishop Kustan and hand him the Tome of Portal Magic to receive your reward.

lvl 30 Paladin received 5,779,914 experience, 29 silver and Guardian Ring.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504,8317 dir=171 City of Camelot, in the Church.

Bishop Kustan says, "As always, it's good to see you (Your Name). We have discovered more vital information regarding the lost relics and missing souls. We are in need your [skills] once again."

Will you ply your skills to aid the Church? [Level 25]
You have been given the Finding the Way (Epic 5) quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Bishop Kustan find out what mission he has for you.

Bishop Kustan says, "Good to hear. Let's get right to the information at hand. The Church and the Inconnu have discovered what happened to the missing shepherd of souls, [Ansgar]."

Bishop Kustan says, "It would appear he is the one responsible for the missing souls. Apparently, he has built a portal between Albion and the Deadlands. He is now using that portal to ferry souls to Albion. We are unsure why he is doing this. However, one thing remains certain; he must be [stopped]."

Bishop Kustan says, "Here in lies the problem. We do not know the location of his portal. Worse yet, there are only few practitioners of his kind of magic and none know [how to find] this kind of portal."

Bishop Kustan says, "The Inconnu observers have reluctantly revealed that they had an [expert] studying this kind of magic. But when the alliance between our people was forged, Arawn ordered his research stopped."

Bishop Kustan says, "Their expert, Nohra'gar refused to stop and it seems he may have been cursed because of it. I am told he has taken refuge in a small abandoned fishing village named [Prios] on Avalon Isle. It should be easy enough to find, it is still on the map."

Bishop Kustan says, "I need you to find Nohra'gar and recover any research he may have accumulated regarding portal magic."

[Step #2] Find Nohra'gar and recover any research he may have accumulated reguarding portal magic. He can be found in Prios on Avalon Isle. (Prios's location is marked on the Avalon Isle map)
( Go to the portal in Camelot Hills and port to the Isle of Glass, then run to Avalon Isle. Prios is the abandoned "town" near the Haunted Appletrees. Nohra'gar can be found in the house at the far end of town (day spawn only?) loc=57603,37567,3175 dir=275 Avalon Isle. Nohra'gar was a blue con to a lvl 30 and though he con's aggressive he will not attack you until you click on him. Nohra'gar is a pain to fight as he will port twice during your fight. He will port to inside the house closest to the Haunted Appletrees and then back to the original house you found him in. He seems he may be weaker after each port.) (Note: if Nohra'gar con's gray to you he will not port on you as you can kill him before he gets a chance to port)

Nohra'gar says, "I saw you coming. And going... You want my knowledge to open what is closed. You can't have it. I am where you are going, where you were and where you are."

Nohra'gar yet lives! You can hear his insane cackling from somewhere nearby!

Nohra'gar says, "No!! You have closed what they could not. You will take the knowledge to open what you could not find and close what you couldn't open."

Nohra'gar dies!
You wrestle a large tome from Nohra'gar dead hand. It appears to be filled with his research.
You receive Tome of Portal Magic from Nohra'gar!

[Step #3] Return to Bishop Kustan and give him the Tome of Portal Magic.

Bishop Kustan says, "It is surely divine intervention that brings you to me this day. Our good King Constantine needs our help, and I have been inspired that you might be the [right person] for the task."

You greet Bishop Kustan and inform him you were able to recover a large tome from Nohra'gar.

Bishop Kustan says, "That's good news (Your Name). Hand me the Tome of Portal Magic."

Bishop Kustan says, "Hopefully this will have the information we need to find Ansgar's portal."

You are awarded 5,779,914 experience!
You are awarded 29 silver and some copper!

Bishop Kustan says, "Once again we are grateful for your help Paladin. Take this as payment for your aid."
You receive the Guardian Ring from Bishop Kustan!
You have completed the Finding the Way (Epic 5) quest!

lvl 30 received 5,779,914 experience.
lvl 48 received 5,779,914 experience.

Guardian Ring -- Paladin
Deathstalker Ring -- Necromancer
Deacon Ring -- Cleric
Devotee of Arawn Ring -- Heretic
Gray Knight Ring -- Reaver

  Devotee of Arawn Ring
  Deathstalker Ring
  Deacon Ring
  Guardian Ring
  Gray Knight Ring


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