Echoes of Cad Goddeau (Epic 1)  

Submitted by:ProngBasta
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:Daray
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Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Daray is the Druid Trainer in Tir na Nog

Daray says, "The Path of Harmony welcomes you into its ranks, young Druid. Members of the Path of Harmony have served Hibernia faithfully for generations and you should be proud to join them in their service. I know that you are eager to prove yourself and we will have need of your talents in the [future] ."

Daray says, "The leader of our Path, the Druid Prince Lovernios, has asked to speak with you personally. Remember to show him the proper respect, (insert name). It is a great honor for him to speak to a new recruit. He's been watching your progress and hoping that you would choose to [join us] ."

Daray says, "Will you accept his invitation?"

Will you learn about the legacy of Cad Goddeau as part of your induction into the Path of Harmony? [Level 5]
You have been given the Echoes of Cad Goddeau (Epic 1) quest.

Daray says, "I know you would, (insert name). You will be able to find Lovernios in the gardens of Alainn Cuir, beyond the Circle of Ceremonies there. Bow to him before introducing yourself."

[Step #2] Lovernios, the leader of the Path of Harmony, desires to speak with you. He stands in the gardens behind Alainn Cuir, the palace on the west side of Tir na Nog. Introduce yourself to Lovernios by bowing to him.

You bow to Lovernios.

Lovernios says, "Well met, (insert name). I have been expecting you. You might be wondering why I have asked to speak to you. One needn't be a prophet to know that our realm faces threats from a number of adversaries. Although you are just beginning your training, the realm will have need of your skills [before long] ."

Lovernios says, "As part of your induction into the order, I have asked Druid Torrance to speak to you. His wisdom and experience have long been an asset to the realm. Be mindful of the past, (insert name), it will play an important role in forging [your future] ."

Lovernios says, "Travel to the town of Ardee in Connacht and find Torrance standing in the square there. When you have finished speaking with him, return to your trainer. Be well, (insert name). I'm sure we will speak again before long"

[Step #3] Lovernios has asked you to speak to Torrance in the town of Ardee in Connacht . Exit Tir na Nog through the northern gate and follow the road east until you see Ardee.

You introduce yourself to Druid Torrance, saying that Lovernios in Tir na Nog sent you to speak with him.

Torrance says, "Welcome to Ardee, young Druid. Yes, Lovernios told me to expect you. I suspect that he gave you a speech about my 'wisdom' and 'vast experience' in [worldly] matters?"

Torrance laughs.

Torrance says, "Yes, Lovernios would say a thing like that. When he tells you that, what he's really saying is that I'm too old to do anything aside from training younger, more capable [Druids] ."

Torrance says, "Don't let my looks fool you, (insert name). I've served Hibernia for generations. I suspect that Lovernios' motive for sending you to me is that he wants you to hear the tale of [Cad Goddeau] ."

Torrance says, "Before I start, though, I'd like to ask a favor of you. Do you see those wicked-looking seedlings that have begun to take root just to the northeast of this area? Take one from the ground, roots and all, and bring it to me."

[Step #4] Torrance wants you to retrieve an irewood seedling from the area to the northeast of town. To interact with the irewood seedling, right click on it.

You examine the Irewood Seedling. It is neutral towards you. (In Connacht : 55908, 49416, 5170 dir=6. )
As you touch the Seedling, it begins to stir. Kill it before it can kill you!
You pick up the Irewood Seedling and place it in your pack.

[Step #5] Take the Irewood Seedling back to Torrance in Ardee and hand it to him. Listen to what Torrance has to say. If Torrance stops speaking to you, ask about the battle that changed the Druids [irrevocably].

Torrance says, "Do you have the Irewood Seedling, (insert name)?"

Torrance says, "These are no ordinary tree seedlings, (insert name). These irewoods are remnants of a dark period in our history, one that changed us [irrevocably] ."

Torrance says, "Though the story shames us, it's one all should hear. Too many have forgotten. It is known as the Battle of the Trees, and was our first foray into the use of this [new magic] we found."

Torrance says, "Yes, So many years ago, the Elves and Lurikeen dropped a magical barrier that separated Hibernia into two lands, the land of all magic, and our land. But, to the best of our knowledge, the Veil, what we call that barrier, [made roots] ."

Torrance says, "Yes, roots deep into Hibernia , which infused the land and all that took life from it, with magic. This took many years, but soon, we discovered that we could use the [magic of Hibernia ] , so long the domain of only Elves and Lurikeen."

Torrance says, "We Celts, with the help of the Firbolg, found that we could control many aspects of nature. We discovered that we could heal and create, but also wound, corrupt and destroy. The wielders of these powers became members of the Druidic [class] ."

Torrance says, "There was a disagreement among the Druids and our class fragmented. On one side were those who believed we should use our magic to serve nature, while others claimed our abilities made us nature's [masters] ."

Torrance says, "The Druids who favored taking control of nature became know as the Draoi Dorcha or the Dark Druids. They became increasingly powerful within our order, twisting nature to serve their selfish [purposes] ."

Torrance says, "They used their magic to animate trees, imbuing them with hate and bloodlust, starting a civil war within the Druidic order. To counter the Draoi Dorcha, the other Druids constructed their own army of tree soldiers, and they fought a [terrible battle] ."

Torrance says, "It would come to be known as Cad Goddeau. The tree armies ravaged the land, breaking free of their masters. The Draoi Dorcha were defeated, cast out of the order of Druids, and went into hiding. We are still tracking down the [surviving] trees."

Torrance says, "We must resist the temptation to travel the path of the Draoi Dorcha, and be vigilant in our efforts to keep them from rising again. Few of Hibernia's Druids remain from the time of Cad Goddeau and many would underestimate the [horrors] I've seen."

Torrance says, "The remnants of Cad Goddeau are the trees we call irewoods. They were once confined to the wildest areas of the realm, but they have begun to show up on the borders of our villages. I suspect that wherever they are hiding, the Draoi Dorcha have resumed the practice of their craft. Do not be surprised if we call upon you to aid us in the fight against them, Druid. Return to your trainer and let him know that we have spoken."

[Step #6] Return to your trainer in Tir na Nog and let him know you spoke with Torrance .

Daray says, "Welcome back, (insert name). I hope you found Torrance's words helpful. He rarely speaks of Cad Goddeau, but is important for all of us to learn the lessons of that dark period in our [history] ."

Daray says, " Torrance will not admit it, but he sees the survival of the Draoi Dorcha as a personal failure. He will not rest until he is certain that they are no longer a threat. Lovernios respects Torrance's judgment and has seen the signs that another Cad Goddeau could be on the horizon. He may call upon you to play a role in its [prevention] ."

Daray says, "Prepare yourself for that day, (insert name). Please accept this gift to aid you in your training."

You receive the Novice Jewel from Daray!
You are awarded 50 copper!
You are awarded 5,120 experience!

Novice Jewel -- Druid
Bladist Jewel -- Blademaster

  Novice Jewel
  Bladist Jewel


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