Dragonslayer Armor (Hib)  

Start Zone: Sheeroe Hills
Start Location:Tailtiu
Start NPC:Lirazal
Related Quests:
  Heir to a Lost Homestead
  Maldahar the Glimmer Prince
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Last Updated:Sat Dec 19 03:12:15 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per 12.18.09 Hot Fix note:
The Dragonslayer: These quests will now recognize every possible method to obtain Dragonslayer armor. This means whether you got the Dragonslayer armor via Glass or the Great Hunt quest.

If you have the cloak, the medal, and you have completed Maldahar the Glimmer Prince you may speak with Lirazal. She will grant you your reward: the Dragonslayer Armor.

If you have more details for this quest, please post the information below, or drop me an e-mail, and I'll be sure to add it to this entry. Thanks!

Animist -- Dragonslayer Woven & Padded Armor
Bainshee -- Dragonslayer Woven & Padded Armor
Bard -- Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Armor
Champion -- Dragonslayer Defiant Osnadurtha & Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Armor
Druid -- Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Armor
Enchanter -- Dragonslayer Woven & Padded Armor
Eldritch -- Dragonslayer Woven & Padded Armor
Hero -- Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Armor
Mentalist -- Dragonslayer Woven & Padded Armor
Nightshade -- Dragonslayer Cruaigh, Dragonslayer Shadowy Cruaigh & Dragonslayer Soft Cruaigh Armor
Ranger -- Dragonslayer Nature Cailiocht, Dragonslayer Cailiocht & Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Armor
Valewalker -- Dragonslayer Woven & Dragonslayer Moss Armor
Vampiir -- Dragonslayer Cruaigh, Dragonslayer Shadowy Cruaigh, and Dragonslayer Soft Cruaigh Armor
Warden -- Dragonslayer Osnadurtha & Dragonslayer Regrown Osnadurtha Armor

  Dragonslayer Woven Robe
  Dragonslayer Woven Sleeves
  Dragonslayer Padded Breeches (Hib)
  Dragonslayer Woven Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Woven Slippers
  Dragonslayer Woven Gloves
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Hauberk
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Vambraces
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Chausses
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Gauntlets
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Boots
  Dragonslayer Soft Cruaigh Tunic
  Dragonslayer Cruaigh Sleeves
  Dragonslayer Shadowy Cruaigh Pants
  Dragonslayer Soft Cruaigh Shoes
  Dragonslayer Cruaigh Gloves
  Dragonslayer Cruaigh Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Legs
  Dragonslayer Nature Cailiocht Gloves
  Dragonslayer Nature Cailiocht Arms
  Dragonslayer Nature Cailiocht Boots
  Dragonslayer Cailiocht Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Nature Cailiocht Jerkin
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Arms
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Hauberk (classic)
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Boots
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Gloves
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Legs
  Dragonslayer Defiant Osnadurtha Vest
  Dragonslayer Osnadurtha Hauberk (classic)
  Dragonslayer Moss Woven Vest
  Dragonslayer Moss Woven Gloves
  Dragonslayer Moss Padded Pants
  Dragonslayer Cruaigh Shoes
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Jerkin (classic)
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Jerkin
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Arms
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Gloves
  Dragonslayer Dirge Cailiocht Boots
  Dragonslayer Woven Robe (classic)
  Dragonslayer Regrown Osnadurtha Legs
  Dragonslayer Regrown Osnadurtha Vest
  Dragonslayer Holy Osnadurtha Hauberk
  Dragonslayer Nature Cailiocht Jerkin (classic)
  Conquering Ranger Spell Wrecker
  Prevailing Nightshade Spell Wrecker
  Dragonslayer Cailiocht Armguards
  Dragonslayer Cailiocht Boots
  Dragonslayer Cailiocht Gauntlets
  Dragonslayer Cailiocht Jerkin
  Dragonslayer Cailiocht Leggings


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